Missed a few postings lately, but here we go. Nine sea eagles together and eight great northern divers doing the same plus another 5 close by. We missed a red knecked grebe in summer plumage. Curses. Family of three otters, common and black guillemots, razorbills, 2 golden eagles mating, male and female harriers and short eared owl. Slavonian grebe in summer plumage.


A drier and less windy day today gave us an otter, golden eagle and dashing merlin in the space of 5mins. On to great northern and red throated divers, slavonian grebe, Iceland gull,two sea eagles,female hen harrier,another 3 golden eagles and the usual golden plovers, eiders, seals, red deer etc,. plus another harrier in front of the house!


A very wet day today with two people mad to see a golden eagle. Well it was a magic moment as the weather finally cleared late afternoon. Ravens and a hen harrier were suddenly up and then gliding through them was the golden eagle. We lost him for a moment but suddenly he swept up and landed on a peak to fluff himself up and dry his wings. Great shot!!


A young sea eagle on the way out today. two male hen harriers, greenshank, redshank, no otters but a very high golden eagle. Sight of the day was two adult sea eagles sitting on a headland and having their tails pecked at by two hooded crows. Also possible white billed diver!


Just a couple of people on the trip today but we got a pink footed goose, golden eagles, sea eagles at a nest, greenshank, redshank, otter asleep with his paws under his chin. goosanders and on the way home a young sea eagle right over my vehicle.


A very cold and windy day today but I had a full landrover. We had an early sighting of a young golden eagle, very close. It’s great when it’s someones first golden eagle. I remember mine. A couple of harriers then a wait in wild conditions to spot a pile of something on a shingle spit. I was just coaching everyone to look for such a pile when I realised that it was two otters asleep. They went for a swim and hauled up onto a rocky islet.


A good crowd today with one girl who had eyesight almost as good as mine!! And she had rubbish binoculars!! So we had three otters, one fast asleep on little islet. A close sitting and sitting sea eagle and one chasing a golden eagle, who was chasing the sea eagle moments before. Hen Harrier, a few divers, but what made the day was the warm sun, snow and being in paradise of course.