It’s good to have an enthusiastic group on the trip and three of them were mad keen to see ‘eagles’ today. We duly had a number of sightings of both species doing all the things that eagles do, as well as seeing harriers, otters and divers. Super weather here.


We had a good hour today with adult and immature sea eagles and golden eagles interracting above us. A female hen harrier later, peregrine and an otter coming ashore which we lost. Highlight for me was another ‘small tick’ of a very close grasshopper warbler, warbling away with his fishing reel call. Most divers are now in summer plumage. What a difference a day makes with driving wind and rain for most of the day today. On my way to the ferry to get some people for the trip I did have a very close sea eagle above the road mobbed by ravens and we did get golden eagle sightings later in the day but such challenging days are tiring and very challenging. Another exciting female crossed my path again today and no it wasn’t Sharron Stone but an extremely close female harrier drifting along our decking in front of the house. It’s also a much better day for weather than predicted by the BBC.


More good eagle sightings lately. Today we had an adult female sea eagle carrying a large stick while the male looked on from on high. Very ‘eagly’ views of an adult male golden eagle interracting with ravens in front of large cliffs and eventually landing to collect vegetation probably for its eyrie. Dozens of linnets and twite are right now eating most of my wild flower and grass seed mix!!!


Everybody was very keen today and the scopes were handy, with an otter at range and an otter very close and eventually falling alseep in front of us. However we had fabulous views of a sea eagle coming from a mile out to glide past us with a glance and then with its legs extended it went into the sea and took a Guillemot! Further big sightings of at least seven adult sea eagles together and a young one close, together with a juvenile golden eagle.


Just had three people staying with us at the new house and the lady was particularly keen to see otters. It was great therefore to find two otters within 10 minutes. Top views of them swimming along and fishing and then coming ashore to preen and clean. Another more remote otter in a big bay and again top views from above the otter in foaming waters. A further otter on a small island offhsore. Otters galore day!!


More top sightings which included a large school of Bottle Nosed Dolphins in front of our house and on a mirror calm sea loch and 7 sea eagles with a golden eagle. Numerous golden eagle sightings and a family of 4 otters. harriers, peregrines, divers and seals.


We have had a couple of big sightings on the trips in the last few days. First was a group of 18 Slavonian Grebes in summer plumage displaying to each other. Yesterday we had a very big sighting as two Golden Eagles repeatedly chased red deer down a craggy mountainside. The birds appeared to almost ride on the back of the deer at times.


We are in a wild spell of sunshine and strong showers but we have had some big sightings lately. Probably the most dramatic was group of two young sea eagles and two young golden eagles as they carried some large prey along a ridge and interracted by chasing each other and repeatedly rising high and dashing through the sky in what looked like sheer enjoyment. Good peregrine sightings also lately.


An excellent eagle day today with a big sighting of an adult bird from the highest road on Mull and as it hit the wind it came right over us. Another immature sea eagle above a small bay as an adult golden eagle chased a young goldie underneath it. The adult goldie then swooped up and down displaying in front of the sea eagle. We had the same sea eagle later whilst we watched an otter cross a small loch to catch fish in front of us.