A really good day today when all of my wild friends did what they should do at exactly the right time!! Eagles flew when I suggested they would, as did hen harriers, a dog otter marked a dozens little islets and gave great views, it is also back to terrific weather.


Big views of otters and golden eagles today but best of all was a great spot by me when I picked up what looked like a very hyperactive sheep on a mountainside.It turned out to be the pale head and shoulders of an adult white tailed sea eagle feeding on a possible ptarmigan. It then flew majestically off the crag and away.


What I would call a romantic sight of two golden eagles today. We saw the first being mobbed by two ravens and then alighting on the third terrace of about about six ridges. As I set my scope up I could then see its mate sitting by its side, their feathered and golden heads blowing in the wind. It was a great sight in a great place.


I am in typical summer mode now with top views of sea eagles, golden eagle carrying nest material, male and female hen harriers together cuckoos, great northern divers and otters sleeping, eating and generally being otters!


Lots of exciting sightings but as usual it was our big three that delivered.We waited for some time today in a golden eagle territory. The male suddenly swept off the top of the mountain behind us as if to say watch this for eco tourism David!! He raced above us drawing in ravens, hooded crows and kestrels.Then he swept very low along the opposite mountainside to rise very slowly, gathering wind to race back over us and over the mountain again.Wow!!


More sensational weather here today but I think tomorrow is the rain that will change it all here! However each terrific day is like the one before. Today a tip off about bottle nosed dolphins which we found 30 minutes up the coast. Two of us were down to the shore with very close views perhaps twenty feet away. Peregrines, divers, golden eagles, sea eagles and otters also. Dolphins are like eagles to me, inspiring !! So are our amazing sunsets which are alien at times.


In the last few days..a purple sandpiper which is rarer than a white tailed sea eagle around here. Hundreds of terns and a really spectacular sighting of a great skua [bonxie] in a small shingly bay in the south. He was sending all the birds demented and then decided to pick on a couple of mallards which were chased offshore. One kept going but the skua landed on the weaker one and drowned it and then ate it. Gruesome but its nature and we humans do things that are far more gruesome!


Nothing too major to report of late except that it has been very dry and sunny and getting warm also. Golden Eagles, Sea Eagles, Porpoise, Whinchats, Stonechats, Warblers, Woodpeckers, Red Throated and Great Northern Divers in summer plumage, Whimbrel, Tree Pipits, Twite, Linnets, Yellowhammers and Rock Doves. Increasing activity with Eagles as their young advance.


I have been too busy to do postings lately but sightings of late include a close woodcock, iceland gull, whimbrel, male and female harriers passing prey to each other. Also top sea eagle sightings as they put up lots of sitting gulls on our national scenic area on the west coast. Porpoise, plenty of divers in summer plumage, curlew sandpiper, short eared owl and displaying golden eagles.


Usual sightings of both species of eagle and otters of course but my wife Joy has asked me to give a plug for her very nice food and accommodation in July!! She is full for May. Fabulous weather here by the way at the moment, but my wild flower seeds need some rain.