Some very mixed weather lately and I am ducking and diving trying to chase the breaks but we are still getting short eared owls, excellent harrier sightings a very close view of a sea eagle sitting in an unusual place. Otters keep giving good views, a probable goshawk today but golden eagle was difficult, but on the way home I had a young goldie and a sea eagle 50m above the landrover. Whinchats are late but now showing well too.


We are in a spell of lovely weather this week. Lots of sightings of hen harriers, short eared owls, both eagle species and otters. We have a lovely scene from the house tonight with red sea cliffs across Loch na Keal and Ben More is also red with a cotton wool crown of pink.


Sunny again here!with lots of sightings including a sea eagle sitting on a rocky islet. Sea eagles and golden eagle interracting in the mountains, short eared owl, hen harriers passing prey to each other. Also more golden eagles sitting and flying, otter asleep with his face toward us, great in the scope, then swirling around in the seaweed catching fish. Lots more of course.


Slightly drizzly murky weather here at the moment but this will change with the northerly winds later this week. Hen harriers passing prey to each other, short eared owls, Sea eagles, porpoise, arctic skuas, great Skua, black guillemots, red throated divers, terns, twite, redpolls, wood warbler etc etc


Usual sightings of sea eagles today but then two very good moments. First was a short eared owl sitting and then flying very close to us while two others attacked a buzzard overhead. Second was as we were about to give up on seeing a golden eagle, when one swept through a group of hooded crows scattering them to then swing up and pose in the wind above us before gliding off.


Nothing particularly unusual to report of late but of course my main task is to find Golden Eagles, Sea Eagles and Otters for everyone. We continue to have the most terrific views of all of these species. Lots of orchids now also. My wife has asked me to give a plug for her accommodation in July!!