I seem to be missing lots of dolphins lately and my son phoned up with a sighting late afternoon as a group of bottle nosed dolphins were going toward Tobermory. A tough day chasing the weather but very good peregrine sightings with birds calling and interracting and flying out to sea.


Slow start to the day but eventually got really good views of peregrines passing prey to their young. Super golden eagle and then a sea eagle sitting in a distant tree but eventually flying toward us. Then a long search for an otter but finally spotted one coming from shore and catching a fish to bring onto a small island.


Tough to be in the right place at the right time today, with a rather drizzly and variable day weather wise. The golden eagle was just going away when we spotted it. The second was pretty high. The sea eagle sitting in a tree was just on the edge of the mist, no otters, the hen harrier was also going away but summer plumage great northern diver was superb as was my view of a very close peregrine sitting on rocks as I drove home.


Today is what makes nature so interesting! After yesterdays heady encounters I felt it was tough today. We had a fleeting otter sliding off the rocks below us. No golden eagles!! A summer plumaged great northern diver,fleeting sea eagle though we did have good views of porpoise on the way home. The weather was also devilish today.


An exceptional day today with summer plumaged great northern and red throated divers. Two sea eagles carrying prey and one carried it right over us. Two golden eagles behaving like buzzards and hanging for long periods with wings held back and at one time about 100 meters away from us. Finally a great walk in a wild place and an otter catching spider crabs while his friend the gull ate what it left.


We continue with rather good weather here. Sea eagles and golden eagles are putting themselves about about a bit, harriers are having a good year and we are getting otters virtually every day. My best sighting recently was fleeting but interesting of a minke whale off Grasspoint.Terns are numerous, porpoise steady but best of all it is great to see peoples pleasure when they see these exciting things.


Despite the bad forecasts for down south, here in the Hebrides we are in our best spell of weather for the year I think, with beautiful sunsets and blue sky. Orchids are still plentiful, spotted flycatchers have arrived late and like whinchats are thin on the ground this year. Young sea eagles are showing well now and my ‘wildest’ sited otters are excitng to see.


I simply love the new house and its situation. Ben More is currently drizzly to the east of my office window and yet already Iona [which has European sunshine records] is bathed in sunshine as I look south. More terrific encounters with sea eagles yesterday, very close with their young iniitally and then descending legs outstretched onto an island with gulls all around them. Harriers, short eared owls and otters also.


Some really wild sightings of otters and sea eagles lately with sea eagles particularly in some unusual places. Todays otter sighting was also in a remote amd wild setting where we saw no one else. On the way we had kestrel, sparrowhawk and two golden eagles in the same place. Smaller birds are already heading back to Africa but they should stay because it’s good weather here.