Really excellent day today with early sighting of two sea eagles, a number of porpoise, hen harriers, sparrowhawks, red throated divers AND!! at least 11 seperate basking sharks stretching from Calliach point to Treshnish headland and of course fabulous sea views in that area from Skye to Tiree.


We are in a spell of wild weather at the moment with strong winds and big blustery showers but if you catch these days right they can be spectacular. The direction of the wind felt right for a possible sighting of the two golden eagles above Carsaig and we duly waited there for a few minutes when we caught sight of about three distant eagles. Up came the two adults much closer to give real ‘eagly’ views!!


Gorgeous golden sea from the house tonight. Three seperate otters today, goosanders,lots of porpoise, hen harriers are regular now and even in front of the house. Lots of twite, 2 adults and a young sea eagle today. We have had huge numbers of seabirds and terns off the coast of Mull this summer and every whale trip is getting sightings of minke whales and even a humback north of here. Our calm seas are offering great potential for sightings.


A very good day today with excellentlong term views of two golden eagles sitting and diving at each other or generally interracting. But the highlight was an osprey at Lochdon which had been fighting with a sea eagle earlier. We had really close views of it as it repeatedly dived into the water after fish.


I had another really enthusiastic youngster on the trip today and I was pleased to get him a good list of species, but the highlight of the day was a group of about twenty ravens rising from a mountain slope with a sea eagle. When we climbed a small hill to get a better look across the glen we could see two adult sea eagles on the ground feeding on a dead sheep along with the ravens. An immature eagle was flying above them which was possibly their new youngster.


A really pleasurable day for me today with three lots of children who were more keen and knowledgeable than their parents. As a result we had ‘excited’ sightings of otter, sea eagle, a number of golden eagles, hen harrier and short eared owl, as well as the usual things. Message to all kids…. leave mum and dad at home!!


I think Mull could have been at its most atmospheric ever today!! It made Lord of The Rings look very very ordinary. However chasing the weather was difficult and we all got very wet as I had a flat tyre on the highest road on Mull, but we did eventually get a good view of the otter!


A misty moody today with very good sightings of an adult golden eagle sitting near its two young, two seperate otters and two sea eagles balancing on the rather flimsy branches of a conifer.


Today was a first! However there is something about my August clientelle that was likely to bring this one. We arrived at Craignure to collect our last two people and two of them came trotting toward the vehicle. They got on board and off we went. 10 minutes later my phone rang to say that my two people were still at the ferry point? In short we had ‘kidnapped’ two tourists who were on another trip!!!!


It feels as if we are under some magical and mystical spell here at the new house, with the most amazing cloud effects around Ben More and evening mirror calm seas all the way to Iona. Really spectacular encounters with otters in the last two days in a small river going into the sea. A Golden Eagle astride a mountain peak today and both eagle species have their young up and about now. Porpoise are everywhere.