We are enjoying the most amazing light in the last few days and our wildlife has I think been taking a back seat to this. The elements are very much part of everyday life here and every single day that I drive down our coast to begin an Expedition I am awed by what I see. I was certain that the mother ship was about to descend the other day beacause the light was magical. Then I could see that the little men on the shore were two sea eagles, who still looked alien.


Smashing warm summer day today and we spent a lot of it on foot at Loch Buie. We kicked off with two high but handsome golden eagles chasing each other. Then two red throated divers and a peregrine carrying prey to the shore and super duper views of it on rocks by the shore eating its prey.Top notch views of an otter and a family of three black throated divers drifted past us at the same time. Finally a golden eagle displaying over its territory. Loch Buie was beautiful today!!


A great day with an early otter on a small island. At least 8 Sea Eagles today, harriers and another otter grooming itself on another small islet. Highlight of the day for me was on the way home along my own coast when I had a very close summer plumaged black throated diver, which is of course Britains most handsome bird.


A stirring day yesterday with wild winds and showers and lots of gasps as the golden eagle swept after a raven and then landed to give great views on a crag. The otter was very close indeed, again in windy conditions. Two sea eagles sitting on top of a small and bowing conifer branch were a highlight and again close. Also male and female harriers gave good views.


Mull is in a wild state at the moment with big winds and heavy showers BUT!! we also had a very wild sighting of a sea eagle today in one of our highest places as it struggled to go forward against the wind. Pity we got the male hen harrier at exactly the same time!Also a really good sighting of an otter as the weather cleared a little and he decided to have a nap on a little seaweed point.


I woke to a long eared owl patrolling outside our house this morning as well as a clear blue sky of course!! Great golden eagle sightings lately on the trips and as we move into September the tourists seem to be getting normal again! Minke whales a couple of days ago but most interesting to me was pretty certain confirmation of my fleeting leatherback turtle sighting close inshore.


I had a first today!! Early summer may be best for sheer variety of species but off season is definitely best for spectacle I think particularly with the big three. We were looking to the most spectacular seascape on the island as two buzzards and kestrels wheeled overhead, when two adult golden eagles swept at a buzzard taking it in flight and carrying it around. It then seemed to release it and the buzzard then pursued the eagle. A fabulous moment in a fabulous locality.


Still plenty of sightings of sea and golden eagles, hen harriers, porpoise and the odd otter, but a more unusual sighting yesterday was of a family of dark phase arctic skuas as they wheeled overhead at Grasspoint and chased after common terns which duly discorged their sand eels and as the adult skuas caught the prey they in turn released it in mid air to their youngster. Dramatic and close.