We have had the usual excellent sightings of our wildlife and top views yesterday of flying and sitting golden eagles for instance but stealing the show in the last week has been the remarkable skies, sunsets, red hillsides, mirror calm seas and truly wonderful elements and atmosphere. It’s genuinely ‘magical’ here on the right days, out of season.


Mirror calm today with a steel blue sea reflecting below Gribbun Cliffs. Also from the house is a completely white sea looking to Iona. I could not resist checking this for porpoise or dolphins but immediately saw a Minke Whale! First whale from the new house.


I have said it before but winter is best I think. Yes we get the long species list in summer but today the island was pretty magical with calm seas and fabulous colours everywhere. Excellent views of both eagle species today, a couple of otters and all three members of the diver family, which is very good going. Hen harriers and a handsome goosander. Great sunset.


Everyone was pretty green today but we got off to a good start with peregrine, hen harrier, kestrel and buzzard interracting with each other. Within ten minutes we had a sea eagle flying in and landing on a tree. Excellent golden eagles circling terraced cliffs which sat and also flew and displayed to each other a few times. Snow on Ben More and great light all over the island today.


I had a couple out with me today who wanted to see a Golden Eagle as a priority! Well we duly saw a family of three and the youngster was even calling to Mum and Dad. Good day and spectacular goldies.


Its a great spell of weather here. Today we went to the very South of Mull and Fidden which I think is a really good spot for off season birding. In fact we were looking for a Ross’s gull seen there. Instead we had really close views of a female merlin sitting and we got another one chasing and catching a starling. I put a peregrine off a rock and had golden and grey plovers, bar tailed godwits, otter, dunlin, twite and it’s lovely there anyway!!


Absolutely stunning light from the house right now with black islands out to sea and a golden sky above them, with a silver sea around the base of all of the islands. A golden eagle took offence to a sea eagle eating his dead sheep yesterday and chased him off before the pair locked talons with each other. We also had another interesting silhouted view of two golden eagles sitting more or less on the top of Ben More!!


Though I am not on a trip until tomorrow I think its worth an email about the weather! Well its clear blue sky and flat calm seas from the house today. Great sunset certain tonight!!! Guests have just arrived to stay with us and within 10 minutes have seen a golden eagle and red deer from the house. I believe the weekend is to continue with the same sunny weather.


No trip today so Joy and I had a run to the south of Mull to enjoy its white sandy beaches. As usual there are different sightings to be had in that sort of habitat and we saw a dark phase arctic skua very close, mountain hare, bar tailed godwits, a grey plover and an otter. On the way home we followed a sea eagle for about 10 minutes above our vehicle.