No trip today but we have a beautiful sunset out to sea and over the islands. Our lounge window is like an everchanging piece of art as it frames the different moods of the Island and the sea surrounding it. I don’t see how certain days in our Hebridean winter could be bettered anywhere in the world.


Excellent weather today for two lads that wanted to see a golden eagle. We kicked off with two sea eagles high above us and then an otter not far from our house. Then two high golden eagles which I had seen earlier from across the loch. Eventually though exciting views of three golden eagles displaying and covering a large amount of sky. Also male hen harrier with them.


Not so wet today and we duly saw a sea eagle and a golden eagle in flight and then really excellent views of three golden eagles with one alighting on a tree. Good shot in the scope. No otters but I saw one on the way out for the trip walking on the shore. Black throated diver and then another good view of a sitting sea eagle. Lots of deer and seals as always of course. Also bar tailed godwit with curlews.


Very wet day today and we were lucky to see two sea eagles sitting on a tree pretty close to us. Highlight today were three seperate otters though we also saw a distant golden eagle which was an achievement on such a wet day.


A grey cold showery day today but great sightings. Usual sea and golden eagles, otter, divers, harriers. But having just stopped to feed the ravens we saw three whooper swans on a mountain loch and surprise surprise a short eared owl hunting and sitting really close to us but why so high in the mountains in winter!!!!


Fiddling on the computer today I looked out of the conservatory and there was a male hen harrier going by. The weather cleared and down the coast I had two sea eagles upsetting gulls and an otter on his way to a small islet with a fish. Off to a meeting in the evening and I saw three barns owls on three seperate territories. One sat close on a fence post about 12ft from the landrover.


Not really sure why it goes quiet here at this time of year but it does. I drove down the coast to post some mail this morning, its misty and a little drizzly but what a stirring sight it was to see the two adult sea eagles from that area standing on shingle spits 50 yards apart at the end of the loch, like a couple of tourists. One gave me a look as if to say, well its great to have the Island to ourselves eh David?


The sea is far richer in the winter, for as I went on a trip today the sea was flat calm and there seemed to be birds and seals on every few metres of water. We had all the usual big sightings today but the best for me was my first male velvet scoter on Mull. With his sooty black plumage orange and black bill, white eye patch and prominent white stripes down the side of his body. He seeemd to be fancying a female merganser actually.


No trips in the last few days and the weather has been a bit poor with little sun but we still have moody views from the new house out to Iona and the mountains of Mull. All around the house the landscape is reddy brown and I look forward to better weather and a trip tomorrow. If you are up here at new year my wildlife trips are still operating and of course we have the winter wildlife package which I hope some have looked at.


Visitors have tailed away now and so I just had two pretty keen people today and winter is best for the big three, definitely!!! Within 10 minutes we had an otter feeding, another 5 minutes and we had two sea eagles rising from a headland and landing on tiny Islets offshore, behind us we had two golden eagles soaring against a crag. The day unfolded with more eagles and top otter view. Cancel Benidorm you lot!!!