It was a good day to see 2004 out with around four otters, a sea eagle gliding along a hillside, two golden eagles, a male hen harrier and two female harriers. Divers are here in numbers now and despite the weather the winter beauty of the island stole the show again I suppose. Have a great and very wild New Year.


A wild winters day today with frequent hail showers. However we still saw sea eagle, two golden eagles behind at least 200 feeding barnacle geese. A male hen harrier and 4 female harriers together.The islands are very quiet now but there is a closeness to nature and the elements that cannot be bettered. Except of course our dazzling white beaches and warm sand under your feet in summer!!


I can see rain clearing from Iona across the sea and we had a short break in the weather a couple of hours ago when I was hiking up to the road end with our wheely bin. As usual when I bother to look at the sky there is something to see here and above me were two white tailed sea eagles touching talons and calling. Scoring a goal for your team is a great feeling but seeing truly wild and rare creatures in equally wild places beats it!


No wildlife trips at the moment of course because of you softies down there but goodness me and goodness me again, you are all missing some incredible sunsets from here. We had a black sky yesterday evening that finished about 500 feet above Iona. The entire horizon was then red and gold. Right now there is a similar dark cloud over Iona with a ball of golden light descending on the island and then reflecting all the way across the sea to here.