The last day of the year was magical with flat calm seas, warm and typical evocative light in winter. Before 12am we had seen otters, sea eagles, golden eagles and two male hen harriers and lots of divers. At Carsaig which is magical anytime we missed a school of dolphins by 15 minutes but saw an immature sea eagle right over the beach. Two people were kayaking out to sea with Colonsay ten miles behind them and a dazzling silver sea everywhere. Happy New Year to everyone less lucky!!!


We have all enjoyed a Christmas Break in Derbyshire as usual but have to say that Sheffield United were rubbish. We left in snow to head to Edinburgh initially and then found the A84 in the Highlands closed but what a wonderful scenic and sunny journey through the mountains to the west coast. Here on Mull was the same with snow capped peaks and clear sunset. It was also quite mild after Derbyshire. Good to get away but heaven to be back.


There is a serenity about the islands at this time of year which is impossible to put into words. The colours around the island are wonderful and the atmosphere is so clear. People may think life is not so great here in winter but I think it is the best.You can still walk on white sand Hebridean beaches like Balfours Bay on a sunny day, only this time of year yours are the only footprints in the sand.


Truly awesome weather and Hebridean Island scenes just lately. The sea is like glass, its warm and sunny and looking from eastern wing of the house today Ben More is sticking its snow capped peak above a belt of grey clounds like Mount Fuji. Yesterday on the northern coast we had a golden eagle showing off his trousers sitting only about 50m away on a small hillock.


Lovely calm weather today and I have been dealing with paperwork!! but last night I saw a barn owl, a fallow deer stag toddled toward me late at night and then a red deer stag did the same. Evenings also have lots of wildlife opportunities here. Had a few people booking trips as Xmas presents, so if you know someone coming to Scotland next year!!


No trips in the last few days which is as well because my vehicle packed up and has been towed to Glasgow! What a great spell of weather we have had though with the island at its best. Today though is windy, cold and a bit like Iceland. However I think it will turn sunny later and definitely tommorrow.


Bit grey but another really nice day here with sightings of Pink Footed, Greylag and Greenland White Fronted Geese. We had a sea eagle sitting on a small island and then flying across the loch. Another was sitting on a shingle headland and was then off to sit in tree. Two seperate Otters, Porpoise, Hen Harrier but no Golden Eagles today.


Best day of the year with mirror calm seas, warm sun, fabulous colours and clarity of light. BEST EVER sighting of bottle nosed dolphins also.We had just seen an otter when a bus driver told us about his dolphin sighting an hour earlier. Off we went and found them five minutes later. We proceeded to have amazing views as they jumped, raced along and inerracted for a couple of hours. We had all of them between ourselves on a point and a small islet fifty yards ofshore. Terrific day.


Fabulous weather here at the moment but it’s not unusual in winter and all about wind direction.We have two guests staying who went off to explore Robert Louis Stevensons Island of Erraid but they got hijacked by 4 sea eagles. They are keen photographers and it seems one of the young eagles was standing and feeding on a cormorant and they have great pics of this.