More glorious weather here and solid sightings of our wildlife. First off was two adult sea eagles sitting in a conifer. Next we had two otters just arriving onshore to settle down and have a nap in the sun. 5 golden eagles at range but the highlight was finding an adult sea eagle on an old nest and looking very settled!!! The island was wonderfully quiet.


Today is awesome. The whole landscape is orange and brown with light grey rocks protruding through. Across the sea Mulls highest mountains are covered with snow.We have doors and windows open because it is too warm and we are heading for a superb sunset when all of the mountains are going to turn pink. This is not really countryside here in the Hebrides, it’s wilderness at its most evocative. How on earth can anyone live in the city??


What an absolutely stunning scene from the house today. We have such a vista of mountains and islands from here and the sea is flat calm,the sky is blue with the odd cloud, tht whole sweep across the lansdcape is red and brown and there is a very light icing sugar dusting of snow all around us. Great day for a stroll. My big tip for a holiday in western scotland is wait for easterly winds.


Good weather today and it seems that we are in for easterly winds!! which as we all know means sunny in the Hebrides!! At least 15 eagles today but it could have been more. no harriers which was odd, an iceland gull, otter being very shy, red throated and great northern divers, slavonian grebe and always seals and deer of course. Ambre Solaire tomorrow.


Mizzly day today but we managed to juggle the weather and got two golden eagles, an otter,a few porpoise, goosanders, really close iceland gull, greenshanks and latterly just as it cleared a sitting sea eagle that then flew pretty close to us.Lovely sunset!!


Dodgy weather today but good sightings still. An otter, sea eagle sitting, golden eagle over our heads in very strong winds, at least 160 barnacle geese on a beach and grassland. great northern divers, a male and female hen harrier together, three glaucous gulls. Lots of usual things of course like red deer, seals, sea ducks etc.


What’s great about living somewhere like this is that nature is literally all around you if you bother to look. Not for the first time I was up collecting our dustbin from the end of our track and two golden eagles were directly overhead. I have come to the conclusion that eagles are over the house every single day of the week but I can’t be staring into the sky all day. Its tough enough concentrating when my office has one of the best views in the world.


A visually stunning day today from a walk on our sunny beaches in the south where we saw lots of Barnacle Geese to Ben More capped with snow. The sun is setting out over Iona and the other islands now and the Hen Harriers are getting closer because one just flew wthin 10 feet of the lounge window.


A nice day in The Hebrides today and even better tomorrow when with my optimists hat on I hope that one of the Snowy Owls on Coll or Tiree might move a few miles south to the southern tip of Mull, because I intend being there to capture the moment. Or a Gyrfalcon maybe. Or maybe not!!