Whilst everyone else was excited about otters and eagles I was pretty excited about a bird that I had not seen on Mull for maybe twenty years and that was a Magpie which we saw at Grasspoint. It’s a bit like seeing a Sea Eagle in Sheffield I suppose.


Another great eagle day with one young goldie repeatedly passing prey to himself!! Two male harriers fighting, golden eagle being attacked by two peregrine falcons and still more eagles.


Gosh it was wet today but there cannot be many places like our national scenic area where you can watch a black throated diver in summer plumage [Britains most beautiful bird] and pan left to see a barn owl in the middle of the day posing on a small rocky crag about 25 yards away.


A lovely day today with plenty of sun and lots of eagle sightings. Great views initially of two adult golden eagles gliding over our heads in the mountains. Then sea and golden eagle together. More golden eagles and my first view of our peregrines on territory that live across the sea from us, Excting for me!!!More sea eagles tallon grappling.


My previous posting should have read 20th March. Today we had pretty bad weather but two very distant golden eagles, slavonian grebes, black throated and great northern divers, turnstones,redshank, golden eye, widgeon, teal, deer and seals of course but the weather dominated today.


Lots of eagle sightings today and each sighting got better than the last. Personally I was really pleased to see two new youngsters tallon touching and obviously showing an interest in Mull.


Mull is like a tropical island today and shorts are the order of the day. Yesterday was a very good trip and I christened my new vehicle but it was wet and cold most of the day. However top sightings in the form of black throated diver in summer plumage, sea eagle sitting, barnacle geese and whooper swans, otter trotting along the shore, male and female hen harrier and a very white barn owl.


Well the weather finally broke here after super weather and we have now had a couple of days of rain. I have a first trip out tomorrow in my new vehicle and by the way I know lots of people have a fondness for my old landrover and so if you want it you can have it for £3,900!!!! for a quick sale as they say but you will have to collect it yourselves. So come by train and drive it back!


I have been looking forward to getting my new wildlife vehicle and I am really pleased with it. It’s a really nice brand new people carrier and very comfortable, great visibility all round, very quiet but powerful. lots of storage space and the exterior artwork etc looks very impressive and professional. It got plenty of admiring looks when I was collecting it in Yorkshire. So get booking early!!