I had a keen crowd today and a group of chaps that wanted to see eagles. We had good views of a young golden eagle flying and sitting preening and an adult golden eagle hanging in the wind on the opposite side of the same glen. We also had a sea eagle flying back toward its nesting area and it may have previously been with the golden eagles. Good sightings!


Wow its a wild day today and I would not want to be a sea eagle chick in the nest! But it’s been very good lately and after three trips for our own Torr Buan Guests we finally got a family of otters playing and fighting around a small islet. But lots of eagle sightings as usual and a ‘gang’ of three youngsters talon grappling and interracting was entertaining in Glen More yesterday.


We have had beautiful weather here in the Hebrides for a few days now. In fact it has been almost too sunny and most birds of prey have been lazing around and not prepered to do much. However we had sea eagles carrying big prey yesterday and one romped off toward a small bay and showed its flying skills as it hovered over the sea looking for prey. Otters are quiet but will see them today!!


Nothing major stands out in the last few days but what is not major here may be very major down there!! So yes otters, sea eagles, golden eagles, porpoise, short eared owl, hen harriers, common sandpipers arriving, cuckoos calling, divers now in summer plumage, sparrowhawks in the open, gannet, turnstones, guillemot and razorbills etc and very sunny weather!!


Today is glorious with snow on the top of Ben More and clear blue skies and sea. Yesterday was prettty drizzly but we still saw otters on the east coast with seals and an otter on the west. Golden eagle sitting, plus a sea eagle doing the same, male and female hen harrier, porpoise, divers,slavonian grebes,first common sandpiper and lost of other things!!


Things are warming up here as they do this time of year, with lots of eagle sightings, many now having young at the nest. Peregrines on our sea cliffs are giivng noisy and dynamic views. Short eared owls on one territory are reliable. Slavonian grebes are in summer plumage, great northern divers are a regular and we are now getting otter sightings every day but yesterday we only had a glimpse as one dashed off to the sea. Harriers are around the house every day. Looking forward to May.


A good day today with enthusiastic people. First off was an immature sea eagle in Glen Aros, two seperate otters on Loch na Keal, one behaving like a small bear. Golden Eagle sitting and flying, peregrine calling, Adult Sea Eagle very close and hugging the hill because of the wind.Two short eared owls sitting and flying, finally female hen harrier and of course the usual Divers, Slavonian Grebe, Seals, Red Deer etc.


Lovely elevated view of a female otter with her cub today but we had yet another ‘gorillas in the mist’ sighting to follow our short eared owls in the cloud the other day. This time it was a distant adult sea eagle coming toward us from a mountain range as a large snow shower enveloped us and the eagle but it kept on coming to give dramatic views.


A great eagle day today with lots of varied sightings and also good hen harrier views too. Probably best moment of all was three golden eagles belting over our heads us to talon grapple while three sea eagles looked on. I was excited about the peregrine sightings too because they are far rarer here than a golden eagle and ours always live on spectaular sea cliffs.


A week ago a girl kindly took some shots of my new vehicle and the rest of our party but she has not sent them to me as agreed. Can someone else on the trip remember the moment at Loch Uisg? If so please let me know the date because I could probably track her down from that. Thanks.