Another brilliant eagle day with lots of sightings both flying, sitting and interracting with lots of other birds. Also fabulous weather and I hope you all saw the sea eagle footage from Mull on BBC tonight but ours was far better and far more dynamic!!!


I have been in hospital on a false alarm for a week, hence the lack of postings but trips have continued with my son and a driver. Watch the BBC tonight because our sea eagles are on for a week!! Since my return to action we have had lots of eagle sightings in one form or another and today is glorioulsy sunny and calm.


Lots of our usual sightings lately but today will sum them up with sea eagles flying, sitting and one in the mountains carrying big prey. In more or less the same sweep we had short eared owl, male hen harrier and golden eagle and finally an otter asleep on an island and of course whinchat,stonechat,redpoll,seals and deer etc. Very dry and sunny still but maybe rain soon.


Another terrific sunny day but with very little wind for a change. No otters today but an excellent view of two adult sea eagles that had obviously just got hold of a conger eel but where from? Then as I suspected I caught sight of the otter whom they had pinched it from. At least 250 pink footed geese flew close overhead and we had excellent views of male hen harrier and two short eared owls, distant golden eagle today.


May is shaping up to be its usual sunny and reliable self as we had a fenale otter with two young on the way out and a further dog otter later in the day. Sea Eagles in between along with golden eagles, hen harriers and more good weather.


Only two people on the trip today, amazing!! But we still had otter, sea eagle,golden eagle and male and female hen harrier. Higlight though was my run home when I saw three adult sea eagles interracting together and in one of Mulls most spectacular localities. Two alighted on a shingle spit for a while until the gulls gave up pestering them.


Another day in my beautiful Hebridean office!! with sea eagles, otter, hen harriers, peregrine falcon, golden eagles, tree pipit, stonechat, whinchat, wheatears, willow warblers, redpolls, cuckoo, great northern and red throated divers and etc etc!!


An exciting day today for as we set off toward Lochdon lots of gulls were up and I felt it was probably the sea eagles, maybe a peregrine, or outside chance of an osprey. Sure enough there was the osprey which gave us long term views as the sea egales came out and eventually chased it off but we found it again sitting on top of a tree and it then rose and gained lots of height before heading north. Otters and golden eagles were seen but the early part of the day was high drama.


A challenging day today when the weather patterns and the tides for otter spotting were never quite right but its all relative!! We still had a two pairs of hen harriers coming together on different territories and one pair were having trouble with another adult female. Sea eagles and loons gave good views and the coastal walk was lovely.


A difficult day chasing the weather but we had a sea eagle sitting, great northern divers in summer plumage. I had a a merlin on the way to get everyone and a golden eagle coming home but the higlight for me was an adult male sea eagle gliding along a craggy slope to alight a mile away. After stopping and searching I found it wandering around a grassy slope about a hundred meters away before it lifted to give big views!