Another whale day with distant views of animals lunge feeding near Little Colonsay but one of my guests had been close to them the day before. Dolphins are around and seen by a few people and today we also had lovely views of a female otter with cub and after fleeting views of both eagles we had top views of both above us.


A beautiful and warm day today and undoubtedly the highlight for me was elevated views out over the Firth of Lorn and a Minke whale sliding through the water and lunge feeding once amid hundreds of shearwaters,auks and porpoise. We did see otters and eagles but the whale stole the show.


Mull was beautifully moody and photogenic today as we travelled through clouds and blue sky. Wildlife was also exactly where it should be!! Two sea eagles sitting in a tree swept to sea level and landed on an island, shearwaters and auks were wheeling offshore and orchids are everywhere now.We had a male and female hen harrier three golden eagles, two otters, two red throated divers and a host of smaller birds.On the way home we checked for porpoise and duly found them.


someone recently made the observation that I do not report on every single trip and that is true because an endless list of the same species could be pretty boring!! No I prefer to concentrate on a day or a sighting that is somewhat away from the norm. Before a trip the other day I saw a tawny owl on a fence outside our window, a merlin then wandered along. I went out to see the tawny and a short eared owl flew in and took its place. So the actual trip was only part of that days interesting sightings.


We see lots on the trips that I do not record here of course because I only have space for the higlights and we had two today with a soaring sea eagle and initally the call of a peregrine which is pretty haunting and then the sight of him swooping and divng at ravens before tracking off along the coast.


A biggish list today in fine weather. First off our TV sea eagle personalities sitting on a fence on a small hill. Male hen harrier nearby, seals and golden eagle,pergerine falcon sitting, Sea eagle sitting with a dramatic backdrop of misty glen and mountains,goshawk,three golden eagles and finally another otter eating a fish on a small seaweed covered rock.


It was the birthday of a lady who is staying with us at Torr Buan and she was mad to see an otter. Well we had top views of one of the biggest otters I have seen. He swam out and came ashore with at least 7 crabs and maybe more.We also had various views of different white tailed sea eagles and so a good day in poorish weather.


Excellent day today with two golden eagles gliding around sea cliffs,peregrine falcon sitting and sea eagle flying out over one of the best views on the Island. three further golden eagles interracting, a male hen harrier, two further golden eagles but I am told the highlight was fragrant orchid!!


A pretty wet day today after a reasonable start when we saw two sitting sea eagles but along came the rain and I was surprised to see a golden eagle alight on top of a crag in the wet. Two hours later he was still there in the rain! Meantime we had seen a sleeping otter and a further otter swimming just offshore near seals and a distant red throated diver.


Nothing major to recall in the last week but of course the usual sea and goldie sightings. The lighting and weather have stolen the show with the region around the house white with cotton grass which looks like it has snowed. Lots of sun lately and crystal clear landscape and colours.