Sun is fine because we humans enjoy it but remember so does wildlife and today showed that they can keep their heads down on sunny bright and windy days. But we still had sea eagles and golden eagles but the otters were sunning themselves somewhere secret today.


I am getting lots of everyday sightings at the moment with nothing major standing out but its great to see the young sea eagles sitting out and enjoying the ‘SUN’ up here in the Hebrides. Probably best for me is to see male harriers carrying prey again and meeting up with the females but its absolutely certain that the climate and strange seas are confusing many creatures here at the moment.


Good day again with two otters sleeping and then moving around a shoreline to groom and then sleep again. Top views of a sea eagle gliding over the otters and away across the sea. The golden eagles were very elusive again today but I caught two heading out to chase a sea eagle off to then return and sweep onto a hillside where it sat, but despite getting closer we could not find it again.


Good day with sightings of otters, golden eagles,harriers and a sight I have been waiting for from a pair of sea eagles that are rearing young succesfully for the first time. The wind was right and the sea eagle was up over a forest and coming toward us to give big views as it sailed over our heads. Inspiring moment for all.


A day with lots of sea eagle sightings culminating with one bird which was sittng on a mountain peak whilst its mate sat in a tree by the shore. The mountain bird was up and looking huge while the bird in the tree was off over the water and went in but did not catch anything and sat back in the tree again.


This time of year brings humans more unusual than the wildlife!! Problem is that they bring out the Hebridean Basil Fawlty in me. TIPS.. Try to look a little bit interested and bright,you will not enjoy the trip if you are just looking for something to do, beg steal or borrow binoculars and practice and wear sensible footwear because it’s a give away if you do not!!


It pleased me no end to wait optimistically for a possible male hen harrier and then see him gliding over a forest carrying prey!! Which means?? Well that he is off to his mate to pass her the prey which is one of Britains great willdife sightings, and it was!


I can’t do better that to find a golden eagle soaring on one hill and then to turn round and find a sea eagle on the opposite hill. Off we go to find the otters and there he is lying on his back like a small bear and off he swam to another little island and then to shore with a fish and another nap.


Nice crowd today who enjoyed a close view of sea eagle and then lunch by a freshwater loch as we watched a young golden eagle cross behind us and then an adult fly along a ridge and over sheep and then over more sheep and then off and on his way skyward. Good views but best was a male redstart close and hugely colourful.


Highlight of today I think was a really evocative view of a golden eagle which was first spotted by one of my guests as it circled against terraced ridges and eventually alighted on a small outcrop and gave really super views in the telescope. This was a proper golden eagle sighting of an eagle in its domain!