A dodgy weather day but a long list of sightings with otters, sea eagle,hen harrier,manx shearwater,gannet,black guillemot,porpoise,whinchat,stonechat,twite,golfinch,meadow pipit, sparrowhawk,greenshank.redhshank,rock pipit,turnstone,common seal,atlantic grey seal and more.


Wettest wildlife day of the year but I had a good and jolly crowd. We just about saw an otter in the waves and a sea eagle above a sitka forest but the best was on the way home when we had a small window of weather. Having looked for some minutes for sea eagles we were about to go when there they were above us giving really good views.


Too many good sightings to detail lately. Including a number of this years young sea eagles with adults, six otters today included two galloping over the hills,very interesting shot of kestrel and sparrowhawk going into a peregrine like stoop. Goosanders, greenshanks, hen harriers, twite, rock doves and three red throated divers today. Best of all probably a barn owl by our house ten minutes ago.


It was a wild forecast today but with a possible window around lunchtime and as I often suggest the bad days can be the better ones for sightings. I was out first to see a golden and sea eagle tallon grappling but all had a great view of a golden eagle sailing over our heads, an otter coming ashore within feet of us and a sea eagle in a forest clearing.


A big eagle day when everything was where I said it would be and doing what they should be!! Also porpoise and a really close otter eating a conger eel after we had searched for some time for a sighting. This one was very close indeed. Forgot another sea eagle with an arctic skua round its head and peregrine in a tree nearby.


The wettest wildlife trip of the year so far and yet we saw Itchy flying!! and Mum sat on a fence post and then came across to see us, giving very close views before going back onto a small hill. Otters were also very wet and wild, as we were down on the shore with them. There was also a dog otter rolling around on a seaweed bank offshore. Also another young sea eagle sitting in a tree and then flying.


A really good golden eagle day today though it did not seem so when the day started with low mist and drizzle. But as it began to clear it felt good for the eagles to show and spot on up came the female on that territory gliding along the hillside behind us to alight on a small rocky outcrop. Then dad and the new youngster to dry off too. Another flying and sitting eagle rounded the day off.


My spotting was pretty good today as an empty hillside turned into an adult sea eagle sitting near the top, anothe on an outcrop below and their youngster under some trees!! A similar empty hill produced a family of golden eagles. Sunny and roughish sea turned into an otter fishing a hundred meters offshore and another twenty feet away and watching us from the seaweed. People learned how to look properly today.


A real eagle day today with the highlight a whole ‘collection’ of them at one site in Glen More. It was the corvids that as usual gave the clues as they danced around a mountain peak and a young sea eagle! Best was probably a female golden eagle sliding behind the peak to then glide though a cloud of at least a hundred crows and straight over us. Its mate followed and sat on the ridge behind us.