This is definitely the time of year for eagles. We had a few today and if we had looked more we would have seen more I am sure. Even on my way home I saw two more golden eagles pretty close on my right but just before that I had another otter very close and rubbing himself on a seaweed boulder just a few feet offshore.


Forgot the family of adders seen yesterday but today was excellent for golden eagle and sea eagles again. We also had an otter distant and one asleep in the sun on a little island. He was still snoozng when we saw him later but this time he slid off his rocky bed and into the sea.


Forgot the 18 or so light bellied brent geese a couple of days ago and very close! Today was another spectacular eagle day with big views of two adult golden eagles racing out and after a youngster on their territoty. Also pretty close and interesting sighting of various sea eagles and an otter at the ferry point, another on Loch na Keal and a very close one on the way out.


I have lost track of the days I am afraid but I know we had another wet one but with 5 male hen harriers and a couple of females!! An otter at the ferry point yesterday, porpoise, seals, deer of course.Great to see a young sea eagle more confident by the day and whos mum and dad I know very well. He is their first youngster and I know they are immensely proud of him but he is looking longingly out to sea and off to another life soon. Also saw TV celeb ‘Frisa’ today.


Lovely day today with excellent view of a male hen harrier, distant young sea eagle sittng on the coast but wow, a great half hour in conifer forest with adult and young golden eagles, buzzard and ravens, climaxing with an adult sea coming from half a mile out to fly above us swoop down with legs danggling and alight on a tree just behind us. Big big sighting.


A diabolical forecast with wind and rain virtually all day turned into a really good day as it cleared about 3.30pm. At least four seperate otters, great sea eagle sitting and flying as it stopped raining, a golden eagle with crows, porpoise etc but all in all a really succesful day that most thought was going to be very bad.


Each day seems to roll into the next at this time of year with lots of eagle sightings. However I have just come back from the east coast of Scotland where I attended a big and very posh dinner where I was presented with the Excellence in Tourism Award by a minister and TV personality. It’s all very flattering butlovely to return to Mull and see an otter coming ashore with a fish on our sea loch.


I got the previous posting wrong which should have read the 13th!! Anyway 14th was good with the highlight I would think being a male and female hen harrier meeting up to argue about territory. The only time you usually get this is in Spring when they meet up to pass prey to each other and so we were very lucky. Sea and golden eagles of course later in the day.


Todays most exciting moment amid some misty moody weather was two golden eagles meeting up and then the male racing across the sky and covering most of his territory. Every now and then he rushed high above our heads and portrayed the sheer wonder of natural flight and unfettered freedom, covering around 10 miles in total.


Recording sightings is all well and good of course but its easy to forget the quite stupendous natural environment that our creatures exist in. This morning Ben More looks dark and moody and big shafts of sunlight are beaming down onto its surface as if alien craft are descending and puffy grey and white clouds are rolling around its peaks. This has to be one of the most beatiful places in the world.