Great day today with sunny sky and golden eagles over the house. Very wet yesterday but we did get two otters chittering and fighting in the seaweed. Two golden eagles showed as the weather cleared for a moment but best sighting for me was a very late whimbrel.


Pretty good day with three otters running around on shore and rolling around together in the grass. A distant golden eagle breaking a peak and gliding across a glen and latterly a super shot of a young sea eagle above our heads. Seals, deer etc.


Loch na Keal was utterly wild and gale lashed today but sunny. What a setting for the two sea eagles there. The female leaned horizontal on a shingle point with Ben More and a wild sky across the sea behind her. Her massive bill made her look like a Stellers Sea Eagle.Very close views of a golden eagle in the south of Mull which was quite tropical and calm compared with the north. Two otters also and wild goats.


Another wet day but saw an otter across the mudflats, greenland white fronted goose, whooper swans, red throated diver, hundreds of redwings, top golden eagle above us with a younger bird and young red tagged sea eagle from this year.


A nice day today with a big sighting of the Loch Buie sea eagles miles from home under Ben Taladh. They began low and were then tracked by the male goldie from that territory. We followed them for a few miles to watch tham come overhead and head over Loch Fuaron to home. Great otter too laying head on top of his paws.


No trip today and so a chance to explore the Hebridean side of mulls northwest. No one about of course on the rocky and white sand headlands except an otter giving great views as we looked down on him as he wandered around rocky points. Sunny and very Hebridean today!!


Beautiful sunny day today warm and little wind. Loch Buie seemed a good choice for a short walk. It was just super out on the sand and grassland island there and we had sea eagle above us golden eagle higher but a really romantic view of an otter playing around little islets and eventually having a nap and filling my telescope.


There are too many exciting moments to list lately but the peregrine sitting on his breeding cliff well out of season was great. Sea eagles dramatic and on the shoreline, otters that everyone wanted to see. red throated and great northern divers, slavonian grebes and absolutely beautiful skies and colours. Missed the ring ouzels, drat! but stags are roaring and defending ther harems.


We looked for otters for some time today and eventually watched one swim with a fish onto a rocky shoreline to then give really good views in the scope. But the island is a photographers paradise at the moment with quite fabulous effects of light and shade, shafting sun bursts through clouds onto mountain peaks and flat seas, though today was windy in fact. Every single day here is different.