Beautiful weather again with no one about but about six sea eagles in rapid succession. Two landed yelping among gulls but the most interesting was a confident last years youngster who was mum and dads first! It seems he has been to Ireland and there he was sailing over our heads to land on the hillside behind. Also female otter with two cubs and a big conger eel for lunch.


Absolutely beautiful day here today and it seems we are in for at least a week of it!! I have been seeing hen harriers around here a lot lately and it was the same last year. My friend from the RSPB was round here yesterday and reminded me that we had over 50 breeding pairs, which is little known of course mainly because the sea eagles get the press.


We have had couple of people on our winter wildlife package and the weather was challenging but I had two spectacular spots!! One was a sea eagle sitting above a sheep on small outcrop. The other was a golden eagle doing similar in the mountains. Both eagles eventually flew to give good views. Otter also today.


A very wet day today but we still saw otters, divers, a sea eagle on a misty shoreline but as the rain lifted slightly I saw two sea eagles sitting on a little island a mile away so off we went through the forest and along the coast There they were looking very close in the scope directly below us when off went the male leaving her flashing here bright yellow eyes around. Great!


Trip at last tomorrow but sometimes I wonder whether the wildlife is watching us in here because a male hen harrier virtually brushed our big lounge window the other day as it drifted ghostly by.


Quiet on the trips at the moment and unfortunately two keen people could not get off their own island south of Oban to get the ferry to Mull because of windy weather today. But the light has been amazing all day today with dark grey sky above the islands and a beam of silver light blazing onto the island of Inch Kenneth which is about a mile offshore


I have been waiting for my website designer to put me 2006 on the diary site and so here goes with what I hope is another super year. Had a a large family group with me the other day and we saw numerous eagles and otters and so that means a lot! In fact we had a I think 8 sea eagles together at one time. Its been very dry here but colder now.