More beautiful weather again today but now with an odd light snow flurry, which adds to the scene of course. 11 people on a trip tomorrow out of the blue. Is there some birding convention on or something!


It was awesome here on the west coast yesterday with red hills and snow capped peaks. We have had around two weeks now of sunshine and clear skies but today we have the odd shower but the rain is welcome and washes you car of course! Could all of my friends check the website of Scottish Natural Heritage and the national park debate. More tomorrow on this.


Another glorious day with around 20 eagles in total but I stopped counting. four seperate otters, slavonian grebes. pink footed and white fronted geese. On the 23rd I saw porpoise on the way to the ferry and a red kite in Perthshire where I was attending a housing meeting on behalf our community trust. Perthshire is pretty nice.


Another fabulous fabulous day here. Lapwings are now showing over the grasslands and there are some waders about. All the grsses outside the windows are golden and dry looking. It’s hard to concentrate on paperwork with the sun flooding in.


Out the window is like being moored on a summers day in some Norwegian fjord with Ben More kissed with snow, a clear sky, sparkling sea and pleasantly warm. Anyone thinking of coming to western Scotland do check the good fly drive deals.


Fabulous sunny day yesterday and same today with Ben More out the window topped with icing sugar and a light cloud around the peak otherwise clear sky and the odd cloud. Winter is best and it seems we have about a week of this.


A wet windy and misty vile day today!! But its an art form when we can still get sea eagles, four otters, a young golden eagle and almost home a close view of an adult golden eagle chasing a young bird directly over us as the sun and rain looked good miles out to sea over Iona.


A good day beckoned with grey skies and odd showers. First off was three young sea eagles all from last years nests I think. Then two otters wandering around on a shingle spit and going back to the sea. Another sea eagle sitting halfway up a Conifer and two more separate otters. Golden eagles overhead and finally a female hen harrier.