Pretty good weather I think with numerous eagles today including all three Glen More golden eagle territories up and about. The two adult sea eagles were well worth the patience as they soared around and eventually landed. We had an otter going under a small hump backed bridge and wandering down stream catching fish as it went. But all in all an excellent eagle day on Mull.


Back to serious wildlife as my season gets underway in earnest. A wintry day today with frequent icy showers but mum and her cub were two close otter sightings. Two sea eagles drifted above a forest with one coming over us and later in the day two golden eagles angry about a sea eagle coming through their territory.


Loading my vehicle for the trip today I thought, is it a tourist, a red deer, or a sea eagle sitting on the hill behind the house and sure enough it was an adult sea eagle. Otters, more sea eagles, golden eagle and what I would only call ‘romantic’ views of two short eared owls drifting amid snowy patches and golden hills on the highest road on the island. The Hebrides is the most beautiful place on earth, but keep it quiet.


Beautiful sunny and calm weather here for a few days now and will continue into next week I think. Anyone wanting to see Scottish Wildlife should check for a forecast of easterly winds and come to the Hebrides!! There are excellent fly drive deals and it seems you should hire your car from Arnold Clarke Scotland.


Today it’s a bit like Sardinia in May!!Yesterday was like Greenland in mid December with driving sleet and rain. The sea was foaming and across the sea all the sea cliffs and mountains are covered in snow. Very very wild!! So birds of prey were tough but we still saw male and female hen harrier two or three otters and best of all my first short eared owl of the season in Glen More.


A day for the pessimist with rain and mist but we had a young lady up from English Heritage in the Midlands hoping to see an otter. We had two seperate ones and then a delightful group of mum and two cubs and so she went home very happy. A golden eagle sat on the side of a crag as the mist swirled around it and two young sea eagles on the way home, one of which had not been seen since it fledged last summer.


11 people saw Mull at its scenic best today with snow everywhere and clear blue skies between the odd snow shower. We saw the otter they all wanted to see and a number of golden eagles with a young sea eagle latterly. But the drive back was even better with flat seas another otter and wonderful sunset and light across the sea and pink peaks of snow.