Lots of top sightings lately including a golden eagle right over our heads having first watched him sitting in a tree. Today.. divers, cuckoo,whinchat,wheater,otter and two cubs close,two sea eagles,4 golden eagles, two seperate peregrines,goosanders,mergansers,snipe,male and female hen harrier,porpoise,black guillemot,razorbills and etc etc.


Another lot of satisfied customers today with sparrowhawk chasing a common sandpiper only just arrived from Africa down into the water. Very close otter below us. Golden eagle sitting on the skyline which then flew across our glen. Lots of smaller birds today including twite, stonechats, wheatears,willow warbler,skylark, rock and meadow pipits and two separate young golden eagles.


A big sightings day today with peregrine falcon sitting in the sun. Close views of a young goldie being chased off by an adult. The resident adult white tailed sea eagle came close to check on things and then a distand view of a male otter basking in the sun on his back with his legs and paws out like a bear but he then came very close to us as we froze like statues 25 yards away.


Not my usual route today as we went north up the west coast which has wonderful island and ocean views and reckoned to be the most spectacular coastal run in Europe. Nothing major caught our eye until we entered an inland glen where I thought I saw a sea eagle on prey. It turned out to be a young golden eagle dragging his prey and eventualy he landed on a fence post to give good views in the scope.


A typical day to start I suppose with an otter, golden eagle, sea eagle. Later we watched another sea eagle dropping his talons and landing behind a mountain. Good chance I could find him on the ground!! Sure enough there he was sitting on the hillside and after 10 minutes he was off to be dive bombed and talon grappled from on high by a golden eagle and chased almost to the ground. Off he went to leave the two adult goldies soaring and chuffed with their success.


A male hen harrier just went along our decking and over the grassland. Yesterday we saw Frisa the TV sea eagle, a golden eagle carrying prey in the same area, otters giving a big view as we looked down on a family of three. Golden eagle sitting, Divers of course, Peregrine falcon sitting and then another three otters across a loch going in and out of the water and the two cubs fighting.


Pretty wild cold weather lately and tough to spot things but yesterday was worth the wait as a golden eagle slid off the top of a mountian and out across his territory. The other day his big female mate was chasing an adult sea eagle off. My last otter sighting was also wild as they played on a surf batterd islet with gulls excited above them.


Terrific sighting of a sea eagle as the weather cleared brilliantly and we were in just the right place. There it was fifty feet over our heads and being chased along by buzzards. A really memorable moment for the people with me I would think.


Lots of eagle sightings in the last few days with birds close and also distant, sitting and ineterracting with other birds etc. Delightful view of a family of three otters napping in a little ‘pile’ on top of an islet. Good in the scope! Best moment was perhaps yesterday when I opened our main door and an adult white tailed sea eagle glid right over me and away across our land to the hills behind. Also male hen harrier admiring our decking!!!


We waited a long time for a good golden eagle sighting but looking out to Mull’s finest sea view there they were, two adult golden eagles sliding along a ridge across the mountain road and within maybe 50 yards of us. Sea eagle early in the day with two goldies but no otters until I returned home past the same territory we had checked and there he was rolling around as if to say ‘up yours David’.