It has been the strangest May with very cold weather and unusualy strong winds. This has impacted on all of the smaller insect eating birds but the bigger birds of prey have ajdusted but nested in some unusual places probably to escape the cold winds. Otters are as usual one of our main species and with plenty of young it seems. Please do try and bring binoculars if you are on the trips !!


Good views of sea eagles today and a golden eagle carrying prey that eventually sat like monarch of the glen on top of a high mountain. The otter was a mere glimpse orginally as it rolled through the seaweed but I felt there was a good chance it would climb onto a flat rocky area and sure enough there it was with its long tail and high back end wandering around the rock looking just like an otter should. Off it then went across the bay to two cubs.


Tough very cold windy day today but Mull invariably has something up its sleeve and we did get a really unusual view of an otter as we watched and followed it from above as it dived beneath the sea.


Another sunny day today but cold and windy. Up came a sea eagle under Ben Taladh which then landed near some sheep. Ten minutes later there was another one overhead which also landed a little bit nearer the sheep. Then another one was circling which then drew the sitting birds up to circle to about 3,000 ft and drift off windward. Ten minutes later after the palmate newts!! we had two golden eagles really close and doing what eagles do best to look very very good.


Fabulous and dramatic sighting of two golden eagles today as they drfted along the peaks of Glen More to eventually come tearing back to sweep up and land on a ledge. We waited for what seemed an age to see my favourite sea eagles when up she came flashing here white tail against the forest and then land on a hill top to eat something.


Today was about mum and her two cubs which gave really close views for some time as they came across the loch calling and then wandering around on the shore below us while we had lunch. Yes golden eagles and sea eagles but the otters stole the show today.


A misty murky day where the windows of opportunity were going to be vital.However otters were easier in the still grey conditions and a female with two cubs duly gave good views as did one on the way out with a sea eagles also. After a long wait and an interesting light sparrowhawk the sea eagle appeared along the forest tops. Two golden eagles with one carrying prey also found that dry moment.


Many of my friends will know that I have lobbied for a Hebridean Islands National Park for around 26 years now and the Scottish Executive now say that they favour this and want comments. Every single letter and comment of support for this would be welcomed idealy via a letter to The Editor, The Oban Times, Oban. Argyll. Thankyou.


Many mad keen to see an otter today and so I was really pleased when we got Mum and two cubs. Brilliant views of two golden eagles close plus a late afternoon sea eagle with help from my friend on the road Gerald Seymour, top thriller writer !!! Not name dropping of course !! Could everyone please note that mine are not photographic days out!!


Three male hen harriers and a female today, one was very close. A very good view of golden eagle. Around 9 sea eagles with the last one being only perhaps 50m away and gliding along a shingle coastline to rise up into the hills eventually. A good day but no otters!!