Too many big sightings to count lately but todays was the best of the year so far !!! We had seen the two sea eagles sitting and then soaring over Lochdon when I spotted an osprey up with them but some distance off. Round the loch we went to see the sea eagle being seen off and eventually after about an hour the osprey caught a fish, it rose above us to be then attacked by a sea eagle which caught the ospreys fish in mid air as it let go of it above us.


No otters today but we looked hard. The sea eagles were dramatic sitting across the bay on a headland and then flying off. But golden eagles delivered again as one raced across a hillside pursued by a raven. A female hen harrier also came across an estuary upsetting the gulls.


More fabulous weather here with very calm seas also. Otters, sea eagles and golden eagles were where they should be today !!! Top view of a male hen harrier circling ahead of us and a nice group of customers to add to the day. Countryfile are up here doing a piece on the possible marine national park and I hope to say a few words today on this. I am a big fan of this stamp of quality for these islands and if you agree send a letter of support to the Editor, Oban Times, Oban, Argyll.


I was taken by the two male scoters sitting close inshore today but I suppose for everyone else it was the two sea eagles and one sitting with his prey. The godlen eagles displaying above us and the male otter rolling around on a tiny islet. OH and getting on Countryfile !!


I have missed a couple of postings lately but thats because I have been intoxicated and distracted by this wonderful weather that we are enjoying. Tonight the entire area was red from top to toe. The sea the islands and our highest mountain. This is the most beautiful place in the world.


A vile and desperately wet day today and so I was off to try and find a golden eagle before the serious rain and it was a dramatic, windswept and sweeping sighting, and then it rained !! I probably also had the best sightings of the year of a family of otters that were very close, visible and highly active, maybe even excited by the wild weather.


A real cross section of different sea eagle sightings today. The golden eagle was spectacular as it came from a distant ridge pursued by ravens to then glide over us. Mum and her otter cub were initially offshore but they came onshore for a moment but I think the male was a bit more exciting further up the loch as we caught him drifting inshore and he then stood on top of a small rock to pose just like an otter!!!


We are in mizzly murky weather right now having had lots of sun and no rain. Golden eagles do not like this but good views of sea eagles continue, black throated diver, guillemots and razorbills. Whinchats, wheatears, stonechats, reed bunting, twite and we are hearing corncrake. Two separate otters yesterday, lots of orchids, palmate newts, deer of course and seals.


There are views and top views and interesting views of our top species and the two eagles gave very interesting ones tday. We had seen a sea eagle earlier but one carrying prey and alighting on the hillside was pretty interesting as it was hot and sunny and its bill was wide open and wings outstretched as it rested with its prey for a time on the hillside. The godlen eagle came sliding over a hill mobbed by at least 20 crows. Two more sea eagles rushed out to sea and back.


The wildlife jigsaw of golden eagle, sea eagle and otter slotted perfectly into place today, though we did not get yesterdays good view of male hen harrier nor the porpoise. I am always pretty surprised that anyone could visit wild Scotland and not have a pair of binoculars around their neck and today was no exception. Bring binoculars !!