I am struggling to keep up with postings lately but yesterday was interesting. We had porpoises early on and eventually found an otter curling up on a small point. Within a couple of minutes there was an adult sea eagle gliding above a mountain ridge and two golden eagles sailed over us with one landing on the hillside. We seem to have lost the minke whales from Grasspoint now.


Minke whales again today off Grasspoint with porpoises. An adult golden eagle drifted over us to meet up with a very young eagle and a sea eagle was sitting out on a rocky island. No otters today but it looked very good for them and it was a dreamy misty light today which was beautiful at Carsaig.


Very hot and calm weather continues here and we also continue with sightings of Minke Whales from Grasspoint as they interract with mainly kittiwakes today. Sightings of whales from shore are always exciting because this is pretty rare in the Britain. Sea and golden eagles also today.


After yesterday this was a murky drizzly day which looked really good for otters but could I find one? Anyway it was a good day for something unusual and that was puffins from mull!!! To see puffins you have to go to staffa or the treshnnish islands but there they were today bobbing just offshore on loch scridain. Unusual indeed !!


Yes otters, sea eagles and golden eagles today but also minke whales associating with manx shearwaters and last sighting of the day an osprey coming from the sea, over us and alighting on a tree.


Terrific weather here and each trip we are getting good sightings of otters, sea eagles and golden eagles. Young sea eagles are now fledging from nests which is going to add to the colour of each day and I don’t mean this years bright yellow wing tags that they are all sporting!


Another sluggish start today but then a cloud of ravens soaring up with two sea eagles. We found them again sitting on a mountainside and one sea eagle flew off with some prey. More views there of the sea eagles mate and then a golden eagle flying and sitting on a craggy area to blend impossibly for one lady who just could not make it out even in the scope. Dramatic views I think then today of breeding sea eagles doing their thing.


This began as one of my quietest days of the year and for two hours we saw little but then it all kicked off with very close views of three otters. So close we could count their whiskers! Then a Sea eagle being chased by a buzzard. Then two golden eagles one eventually sitting on a hillside to give good views. Finally six adult sea eagles together and interracting.


Lots of eagle sightings today with the highlight one of last years young flying over us and alighting on a craggy mountainside. I need to check where he comes from via his red wing tag!! Golden eagles that have not been rearing young this year are also showing again on their territories and this means more eagle options for me as they do very little indeed when they are not breeding.


A hazy day today that promised much but yes we saw sea eagles and two otters basking on a small island but I felt we would see more. However the evening was excellent with at least two Minke whales seen from our house. There were also lots of shearwaters with them and this gave pointers as to where the whales were.