We had a sighting of a young sea eagle eventually standing on a sheep carcass and eating away together with a number of ravens, but the best sighting was probably on my way home again because there were two bottle nosed dolphins jumping offshore. We went two minutes up the road to small cliffs and there was a whole school of them which we watched into the evening.


Everyone seemed thrilled by the day with two seperate otters, a golden eagle sitting on a mountain peak, two soaring young sea eagles and later two adults sitting. We had a top view of a female hen harrier as she went across the road to then sit in the grass and on my way home a hunting sea eagle came incredibly close to me.


Interesting views of a young sea eagle sitting on top of a small dead tree. Along came another youngster and pushed it off. Along came an adult who pushed that one off to join the other on the ground. The first youngster was pretty cross about things and walked around with wings outstretched and made a racket.


Having crossed a glen a sea eagle alighted on a conifer to give close views. A golden eagle circled with prey to then sit on a mountain top with his mate on the peak opposite. A male otter scratched and cleaned himself about 50ft from where he was yesterday. Two young sea eagles were sitting around on a hillside. Almost home a Peregrine circled above me.


Best sighting today I suppose was when we went onto a small outcrop to scan around for the male otter I have been seeing in that area. I did not reckon on him being asleep with his chin across his paws and looking toward us only fifty feet away. In fact it was too obvious for me and it was one of my guests that spotted him first.


Unusual sighting today of a Sunfish from shore. In fact only about 25 yards away I suppose. I have seen one once before here and coincidentally across the same loch from this one. My first sighting of a Sunfish was from a boat in the Pacific when we were looking for Blue Whales and it is a mighty strange creature indeed.


Very good weather continues here as do lots of varied eagle sightings. I would ike to stress again though that this is not Kenya where lions sit on the bonnet of the vehicle and if you are just looking for something to do the trips are not really for you. Please also beg steal or borrow binoculars or just get use to using them if you are not as keen as some.


Another big day today with top sightings of an otter eventually trotting below us into his holt. Dramatic sightings of sea eagles with one coming for perhaps 4 miles away to come over us. Young golden eagle sitting on a crag showing his very white flares!! All three divers the other day by the way.


Back to sea eagles, otters and golden eagles. Probably best sighting today was a sea eagle rising amid a cloud of crows on top of a mountain. At any range the sea eagle is just so spectacular with their massive wings and their legs dropping early as they come into land. Nearly as warm as El Hierro today too.


Back from a weeks holiday in El Hierro which is a lovely quiet island and a ferry from the teeming mass of life on Tenerife. Perhaps as big as Mull but we encountered not a single Brit on the entire island. Spectacularly situated hotel. What is it about much of Europe compared with Britain? Is it just down to ‘style’. Whatever it is we do not have it !!