Buckets of sightings lately and today it was difficult knowing which way to look with otters below us and sea eagles and golden eagles above. This morning we have two adult eagles behind the house being chased by buzzards and ravens and the eagles are obviously after mountain hares and hopefully not our cat ‘Cervil’ !!


Plenty of porpoise today plus manx shearwaters,red throated diver,sea eagle,greenshank, male and female hen harrier,golden eagle sitting on top of a mountain with one flying nearby. Highlight again was probably mum and the two otter cubs who are now about twelve months old and still scrapping as youngsters do.


I have had a problem with my diary postings but here I am back again. Most significant thing of late has been the very dodgy weather with some challenging days but we only need that small window of weather during the day and frankly sightings have been numerous and spectacular at times and I have had a lot of happy customers.


Probably the most important thing for me at the moment is how the weather is continuing to be really beautiful and we have woken again this morning to clear sky and no wind. Across the sea to Iona we can see the white sand beaches shining and Ben More has the sun behind it and whispy cloud trickling off its peak looking as if it is still smouldering like some tropical volcano. Plenty of porpoise and eagles lately and very pleasant customers.


One day is rolling into the next, so this is me trying to catch up. The forecast was rain later and so off to get golden eagles and we had good views as they displayed and interacted with young birds.The weather closed in and so it was otters for now !! We covered a fair bit of coastline and then there he was near a seal colony. He took a fish to shore and we all saw him enjoying that in the telescope. The rain was vile into the evening but tomorrow is another day.


Another top day with an osprey sitting by the shore. Report of a definite hobby in Glen Aros!Three golden eagles having a mighty argument and then a golden eagle and sea eagle sailing above our heads. We had seen a female harrier earlier and last sighting of the day was a male otter eating a fish directly by us as I stopped to look around for him.


Another big day today with an osprey catching a fish, trying to eat it but being chased off by a sea eagle.Female hen harrier,Greenland wheaters,whimbrel,dipper,family of otters,two other golden eagles,further adult sea eagle carrying prey,golden plovers and dunlin.Two sea eagles sitting, red throated divers in summer plumage, red deer of course and seals and etc etc.


Seriously wet day today and we got soaked watching a very close otter at the ferry point. Then lots of sightings peering through rain filled windows and soakings as we got in and out of the vehicle. But a good ending on the way home as it cleared for a time and a sea eagle leaned into wind on top of a spindly lochside tree. Then a female hen harrier drifted closer and closer.


Today was a top day, with dolphins on my way to collect people and then very close when we got back to the area. Then two otters swimming to shore and another one curling up to have a nap. A sea eagle crossed the loch amd then we had another on the side of a tree. Further otter and dolphins on the way home and a sea eagle crossing to the mainland.


Some typical trips at the moment but otters are a bit quiet. However it is all relative I suppose because I am so use to seeing them every day more or less. The weather is more up and down now but in no way is it driving wind and rain as it can be at this time of year. In fact the sun is just coming out again acros the sea on Iona.