Of course you don’t need to be on a wildlife trip to see interesting things here. On a juant to have a look off our most north westerly point we saw two golden eagles sitting on a small hillock, two great northern divers offshore and a really close view of a male hen harrier and wonderful oceanic views looking northwest to Rhum and Skye.


More mystical and beautiful weather here. All three divers today, two otters swimming and onshore but best of all as the weather truly cleared we had one godlen eagle sitting on the skyline and on the adjoining territory two adults sitting and then flying. Missed dolphins very close to our house though this morning


Really beautiful calm sunny day today and just on a trip to get some baby food for our new grandchild we saw a pink footed goose and two adult sea eagles on a rocky seaweed point enjoying the sea views across to Ben More on Loch na Keal. Yesterday same area we had a young sea eagle sitting in tree 12 feet above my vehicle.


Its been a great summer and today is no exception with mirror calm sea from the house,sunny,warm and windless. These are great days for scanning the ocean for cetaceans but unfortunately I am doing paperwork today but we have still had some excellent trips lately. Yesterday was like today weather wise and we had top views of sea eagles sitting and flying. Check my previous posting please !!


URGENT !! Currently the Hebridean Islands have virtually no environmental protection whatsoever and people can water ski, wind surf, jet ski, power boat for instance on an otters territory. We have lobbied for a quarter of century for national park status. The government now agrees !Go to www.scotland.gov.uk and then ‘consultations’ and to the marine national park consultation and support our cause please.


A hell of a weather forecast turned into a great day with six separate otters mainly in bad weather but as it cleared being in the right place at the right time helps. We saw a golden eagle drooping his wings to dry off on a fence post with two sea eagles sitting nearby and as the weather cleared they were off for big fly around. More eagles on the way home.


Very much a no golden eagle day with lots of rain and mist but we did see an otter passing by and marking its territory on a big boulder. Late on we saw two of this years young sea eagles and 500m from the house very close views of three golden eagles. The latter was long term and spectacular views as the weather cleared.


I have found that historically this is the best time of year for eagle and otter sightings and so it is proving with every trip now. The light though and the elements are so spectacular also and the evening sunset here in the west is fabulous. I also saw a scoter on the way home which is an extra.