We have just had people with us for a winter wildlife package.We also had a reporter from the Scotsman newspaper on the first trip out when we saw otters, sea eagles and just one exciting golden eagle that gave us a race across mountains. Second trip I took them down to Knockvolagan which is a myriad of white sandy beaches and it was terrfic being just above the beaches with the shallow sea and wind whipping up small waves. I loved it and we saw top views of two goldies on the way back.


No wildlife trips at the moment which is everyones loss!!! Today we had two sea eagles right over the house and one alighted with some sheep below the house. Yesterday two golden eagles were really close at the end of our track as I put the wheelie bin out. Why does the Hebrides switch off in winter when its great here. I also hope all Mull fans are contributing to the National Park consultation?


URGENT ! We must bring national park status to the Hebridean Islands as they have virtually no protection at all. People can hang glide around an eagles nest, water ski, wind surf, power boat, jet ski etc on an otters terrritory. It is vital that we get this designation and if you agree go to www.scotland.gov.uk, to consultations, down the environment list to Marine park consultation and then to summary of questions. Thankyou.


A beautiful and languid day in The Hebrides today and just 5 minutes down the coast we had a ‘brief encounter’ with two sea eagles sitting dramatically on a large boulder with a silver sea behind them. One was standing on a shag or a cormorant before they both took off across the loch. Loch Buie was equally beautiful today with no one about. We saw an otter, a golden eagle and a few divers.


Its confirmed winter is best! Sea eagle before we had got in the vehicle, buzzards, porpoise, otter and sitting sea eagle and then flying same place. Red deer, further sea eagle sitting, great northern and red throated divers, little grebes, great otter with two peregrines flying and sitting above, slavonian grebes, both seal species and lots of more obvious wildlife. Top weather.


Demand for trips is tailing away now though I am full today. Its a pity because you can have days like this with a clear sunrise no wind and lots of optimism that we wil see plenty of things. Nature is taking over here of course as visitors melt back to suburbia and wild creatures have the island to themselves. Please note my posting recently concerning the possible national park.