These could be the best of days when you are somewhere remote, big and windswept, such as it was at Carsaig Bay today. Searching for tiny saphires and fossils with the sea crashing around you and all of humanity it seems has gone away. How can anyone choose Meadowhall against such inspiring wild Hebridean Island moments ??? Isn’t this life of ours about quality of habitat as well as shopping??


Its a wonderful sunrise over Ben More today and we are expecting a lovely Christmas. Cracking views of sea eagles yesterday and evocative views of young otters on a small seaweed covered boulder as the sun was going down and behind them a spangled golden sea. We had just seen mum a hundred meters along the shoreline. Magical is th word for thse islands on calm winter days. Have a super Christmas.


No wildlife trips at the moment but it’s all down to these fickle tourists who think its snowing here in winter. Well I was just on the roof fixing a slate with five young sea eagles over my head. It’s also mirror calm and beautiful in fact. Please take note of my National Park postings previously.


Vital for the future of man and beast here, to say nothing of the islands themselves that we bring National Park status to the area. All who agree must contribute no matter how little, to the consultation which finishes soon at www.infoscotland.com/seaviews