New Years Eve and the most magical day on a Hebridean Island with wall to wall sunshine and a flat sea on our spectacular west coast. The low sun created those beautiful images of shells resting in the golden sand. Climbing Ben More tomorrow with my boys so if you want to celebrate a birthday or just new years day fly up and join us.


Six people today, so looking up for time of year. It began wonderfully both weatherwise and wildlife wise with a classic otter sighting, two sea eagles with one building a nest.One or two golden eagles sitting and flying, harriers and divers and eventually mist and rain.


Out with two keen people from Holland in iffy weather which can be good! So, two sea eagles rising across a bay with crows. Another sea eagle coming over us to land under a solitary tree. Golden eagle over us in the mountains, hen harrier along the shore and landing there, two seperate otters today with really good photographs for the dutch people as she came ashore repeatedly to roll around in the seaweed. Not the dutch person, the otter!!!


Well here we are Christmas Eve and I would like to thank everyone for their support and interest and wish you all a very Happy Christmas. More wonderful weather again today with hen harriers regularly going past the house. It’s clearly going to be a very good 2008 for birds of prey that feed on our voles because they have had a remarkable breeding year.


Such terrific weather again here with a golden light all over the islands. We are in for an amazing sunset again this evening. Anyone who has taken a holiday here this week must feel that they have come to an enchanted place. Hang on, think I just spotted a unicorn eating my bog myrtle! With glass all around the house we genuinely get a feeling of living in the tropics when the sun is out.


No trips right now. What a pity that people have these strange ideas about Scotland in winter. A ball of red sun is just disappearing over the Island of Iona out across the sea. Every colour that a calm evening sea can be, from purple to yellow to blue to red, follows the sun to the horizon. Its abosolutely serene and beautiful.


Well back from the big city! What a terrific drive though the Highlands to home with no cars, clear sky and peachy coloured calm lochs and mountains. Here two hen harriers have just gone past the house very close amid more fabulous weather.Its good to be back but great to be able to buy things in Sheffield so cheaply! How can any of you complain about the government when you are sloshing around in big daft cars and give away shops.


Off to townie habitat for a week today where more people will walk past me in ten minutes than live on the entire islands of Mull and Iona. Shops and prices are good but otherwise its disturbing and surely impossible to be an individual in that sort of environment. Here you have to be an individual to survive but you’re inspired by a Hebridean wind beneath your wings.


Atrocious weather to start had people wondering whether to cancel !! But as always it was a great day with really good otters, sea eagles over us and sitting, golden eagles and top was a December whimbrel who obviously thinks he is in the Cape Verde Islands!! Had us all scrambling for the sunblock in fact. All of the above amid the spectacular winter atmosphere of the Hebrides.


Well I did not win the Spirit of Scotland award but who cares it was great to be recognised and put forward by others and it was a very posh do at Kelvin Grove art gallery and museum with towering flower arrangements on each table, as much wine and whisky one could drink. I said hello to Kirsty Wark but wanted Alex Salmond to hear my speech about National Park status for here!!