The forecast was not good today but as it turned out everyone should enjoy such stirring and romantic winter days in these magical islands. It was beautiful of Calliach point today in our far north west, looking out to Coll and Rhum and the Ardnamurchan peninsula. Golden eagle from our car park kicked us off perfectly.


What a difference a day makes with driving wind and rain for most of the day today. On my way to the ferry to get some people for the trip I did have a very close sea eagle above the road mobbed by ravens and we did get golden eagle sightings later in the day but such challenging days are tiring and very challenging.


One of those miraculous Hebridean days today with warm sun no wind and calm sea. I did some painting of the outside of the house today in just a T shirt. Well I had other articles of clothing on as well but you get my drift!


A dreamy quality to the island today and a male merlin within five minutes of the house. Plenty of dramatic eagle sightings and a peregrine falcon sitting on a cliff top with mist curling around it. Barnacle geese were off in numbers as a sea eagle went among them. The light and colours stole the show today though.


A lovely day with a nice crowd of people and one being particularly wacky. It eventually culminated with a sea eagle, golden eagles and an otter on one sweep of the eye, which is quite something don’t you think.


Mull is pretty empty of visitors in the winter of course and driving in the north west can feel remote but beautiful and as we turned a corner yesterday there was a golden eagle drifting off a small crag to our right. He appeared to land very close to the single track road with crows mobbing it and then spectacularly he took off perhaps fifteen feet ahead of us and rose to join his mate.


We have two guests on our winter wildlife package leaving tomorrow morning having seen 14 otters doing various things and too many eagles to actually count. Two otter cubs chased off a young sea eagle sitting on the shore in fact.


Lots of eagles and otters today and with a young man wanting to see his first golden eagle that was a plus. Highlight was two very close golden eagles chasing and locking tallons with a first winter sea eagle.


Fabulous clear day today with snow on the peaks and red and gold adorning every mountainside. Highlight of our trip the other day was undoubtedly the six eagles of both species having a real dogfight above us.


Great weather continues here and yesterday we had cloudless skies and lots of eagles culminating in a big view of two adult sea eagles that I know pretty well. Otters were thin on the ground but like the one we did find they were probably all sunning themselves on shore. All of the divers today and slavonian grebes.