Beautiful weather today and a pity that we only got a short view of an otter. As we searched on my own coast I suggested that he would be sitting there when I came home and sure enough he seemed to be giving me a sweet smile as he lay with his head across his paws!! However big view of a very smart peregrine and good eagle sightings along with summer plumaged red throated diver and group of porpoise.


Common Scoter today and male hen harrier soaring over the sea. Terrific weather again. No otters but big views of adult sea eagles who are looking like they could have their best year for breeding this century if this weather continues. So top news.


Terrific weather goes on here and today we had good views of sea eagle, golden eagles, no otters !! But we put up a female hen harrier very close and exciting views of two peregrine falcons calling and chasing other birds. Forgot my sighting the other day of 18 great northern divers all within feet of each other. I have seen this only once before and in the same area.


Wonderful weather again here today and it feels more like early May rather than end of March. First Sea Eagle eggs should be hatching any time now and as usual they seem to have timed it all very well regarding the weather, though I think we may get rain on Wednesday.


More spectacular weather here in the Islands today and the run through the Highlands yesterday and down through Glen Coe was beautiful and awesome with icing sugar peaks and golden hillsides. If you want to find yourself again and go back to your ancient and natural roots then the wilds of Scotland is the place.


Big desires to see a golden eagle today but they were very tough and insisted on going the other way rather than to me, which I usually have off to a fine art !! Dramatic views of three young sea eagles talon grappling above huge sea cliffs was a highlight and an adult a bit closer and just offshore. Wonderful romantic views of snow capped and sunny peaks all day today.


It was like a trip to Greenland today with ferry’s cancelled and sleet and snow showers. However on the west it turned calm and sunny and gave us spectacular views of 2 sea eagles coming in off the sea to land in trees. An otter curled up on the rocks after coming ashore with a fish and only two of us saw a distant golden eagle but a good day with a nice crowd.


It was a lovely Hebridean day today so I went for a cycle down the coast to the little jetty at Ulva Ferry where lots of shellfish are hauled in. As usual there was no one about at mid afternoon and I watched an otter plopping among the water and seaweed and crunching on crabs. My only problem with such beautiful moments is that I feel I should be sharing it.


I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Governments National Park Consultation recently and for that matter all of those who have supported this for a number of years now. The summary of responses are pretty positive and can be viewed at http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Resource/Doc/167963/0046203.pdf


Fleeting views of golden and sea eagles for some today and dodgy weather but actually a good list of sightigns with Slavonian grebes, all three members of the diver family,peregrine falcon, great male otter eating very close to us,greenshanks and redshanks,turnstones,ring plovers, porpoise, seals,red and a fallow deer with a white fallow,common and black guillemot etc.