Lovely calm seas and clear night skies at the moment. The vastness of the land and seascape from the house makes for a sense of solitude that is almost touchable and would make any normal person quite emotional. Though I recall pointing out a silver calm sea to some bloke who simply squinted and said ‘it’s just a grey sea to me’ !!


No otters yesterday but really good views of sea eagle and three golden eagles gliding right over us in misty, moody, romantic Hebridean weather. Highlight though for me was the 33 Bar Tailed Godwits all in brick red summer plumage and close. Why did I feel the need to sing ‘Lady in Red’ !!!Also two great northern divers now also in summer plumage.


Been away for a few days moving my daughter to a new flat amid the morass of life which is the mainland of Britain !! Also drove through lots of rain to arrive to clear sky in the West of Mull. Today is calm and a bit grey and a sea eagle flew over the house going out to sea and to the Island of Inch Kenneth.


Otters every day now and spectacular eagle sightings as sea and golden eagles dive at each other with talons outstretched. Male hen harriers regular now also and great northern divers are gathering here and steadily acquiring their terrific summer plumage. Vivid light and colours lately.


Some great weather again and good sightings of sea and golden eagles and regular otters now. But the day belongs to my guests staying here who saw a sea eagle pinching a fish from an otter today.


Unlike your sun down there ours had gone for a few days to be replaced by mist and drizzle which made birds of prey quite tough to find. But we did have good views of otters and not just the otter got wet! Wild goats, peregrine falcons, plenty of divers and more misty drizzle were recorded but today is back to normal with sun threatening and eagles beckoning.


Yesterday we waited an age for a golden eagle but it was then all worth it. As are the sweeter things in life. We had a male otter really close and a female with two cubs not so close but could I find a sea eagle today !! I saw and heard yesterdays peregrine falcon that lives across the sea and he was right over the house, as was a golden eagle earlier in the day. It’s cold now and with some light misty rain this evening.


Needless to say that the dreamy weather continues here. Lots of eagle sightings yesterday and it has to be impressive when you can leave 5 young sea eagles cirling above!! Good views of peregrines lately. Two consecutive days with dramatic sights of golden eagles in our mountain range. I would have loved this Hebridean life I have as a little boy !!


More terrific weather here and super views of sea eagles, a golden eagle up with them, two seperate otters, divers and a peregrine falcon. Light, colour, shade, golden hills and flecks of snow on mountain peaks all add to the romance of the daily scene here. It’s inspiring !!