I cannot do a diary posting of every single trip by the way !!! So ‘today’ the highlight was early on with a sea eagle gliding along a hill and mobbed by a short eared owl. AND last higlight of the day was at the ferry point after the ferry had just gone and 9 bottle nosed dolphins were right in the bay, leaping and splashing.


Not such good weather now but a a really wild wildlife day out today with lots of otter sightings, golden eagle sightings were ok but the sea eagle sightings were dramatic as two of them swung down to the coast and landed on an islet. Later in the day another came of a tree along a forest and then flew very fast and a foot above the waves for ages to then soar up and come fast and low back again. Cuckoo was good as a meadow pipit jumped on its back.


Sea eagles and after much searching and about to give up we had a big sighting of a golden eagle with a buzzard right over our heads. We then had one of my best days with otters and had three separate and quite different encounters with them. One asleep on a rock and rolling on his back, another just offshore and joining another and a final male otter curled up on a small islet.


More glorious weather here today and yesterday when we had distant but dramatic views of golden eagles. Also close in the mountains view of a sea eagle and great otter asleep atop a seaweed boulder and very cuddly looking and another female swimming later.


The opposite day to yesterday with lovely weather, golden eagles carrying prey, very close sea eagle mobbed into the clouds by a hooded crow, peregrine falcon sitting and flying and two otters curled up on an island and then swimming to another with woodpecker, cuckoo and others for good measure. Back to excellent weather for the bank holiday weekend.


A poor day today I felt with weather that looked like it would clear then didn’t and then it might but it didn’t!! Though we started well for a poor weather day with an adult sea eagle across a loch and drying himself off on top of a spindly tree while hooded crows pestered him. Otters were not where they could have been etc etc. A poor day.


As predicted we are in a very changeable patch of weather with mist, rain and wind which is all very atmospheric and romantic to some but its a devil trying to spot wildlife. Though as it clears for moments we usually have big sightings like yesterday as a sea eagle rose low from its roost to climb above us and the otter marking his territory as we all got pretty wet but happy.


Our weather has clearly broken for now with far more rain and wind and it does look like last May again’ However golden eagles are still giving good views and otters every trip. Sea eagles are also showing well and things should get better as young birds advance and become ever more demanding of prey. Sunshine and showers tomorrow which should be good.


Within fifteen minutes of starting todays trip we had big close views of two sea eagles, an otter very close which we left feeding among the seaweed and then a female merlin being chased very low through trees by an equally fast moving buzzard. In between all of this two of us followed a possible gull that could have been a male hen harrier and was !!


It’s that time of year when Mull has more variety of species to spot and eagles are busy feeding young. Each good day is now rolling into the next and all on the trips will testify to inspiring sightings. Today my own highlight was the male hen harrier coming high off a mountain to descend low with prey for his mate.