Very good views of two sea eagles sitting and one later flying overhead, golden eagles and one landing to eat prey, very very good otter sightings and finally a hunting female hen harrier which sat to be scoped and then flew off catching more prey to take to its nest.


No otters today I must be slipping! Reasonably distant but pretty good sightings of golden eagles, one coming dramatically from range above the highest road on the island. Sea eagles were good sitting and flying. Orchids still around and the smell of the fragrant orchid is gorgeous. Today is rain at last but all day !!!


we are continuing with wonderful weather here in the Hebrides and yet another sunny but cool day today. Yesterday we got the usual big three but a male hen harrier also. Watching the apalling weather down south and yet not getting credit for our dry sunny weather is a bit painful tourism wise. You really would think that the most beautiful destination in the world did not exist.


Been away for a few days in Somerset looking at the hobby and enjoyed it very much. I am also being a bit slow at getting postings on the site but needless to say that each day is bringing otters, golden eagles and sea eagles. Today was no exception with a number of eagle sightings of both species sitting and flying. Close otter views as he climbed onto various points to mark his territory and then went across the loch for a long sleep.


Great weather again today though iffy yesterday BUT bottle nosed dolphins in Loch na keal, harriers passing prey in glen more, sitting golden eagle and swimming eating otter. After dinner I had a peregrine over the house and around 9am a barn owl sitting on the fence fifty feet from the house and it may be fancying, or already in my barn owl box !!!


On a good run of terrific weather and sightings and today two seperate otters looking very ottery. Sea eagle tangling with buzzards over coastal cliffs, female hen harrier and two golden eagles doing all the best things that eagles can do when being watched by admirers.


Good otter sighting in roughish water. Sea eagles flying and sitting, golden eagle overhead and going to join its mate and an intruder. Two black throated divers and a cuckoo sitting on the tee marker for green no 9 !! Looked for the red backed shrike but to no avail but more orchids, wild goats and then auks offshore. Truly wonderful weather continues here and the wet stuff which I remember is called rain almost came.


I am in my annual pleasant rut with sea eagles, otter and golden eagles almost every trip now. Various orchids including rare lesser butterfly orchids for Scottish Natural Heritage records. Many small birds also with whinchat, stonechat, whitethroat,redpoll,all three pipits but missed a red backed shrike today it seems.


Today was a hiccup in my run of sea eagles, otters and golden eagles on every trip. We did not see otters !!!! However orchids are now evrywhere and yesterday was the sighting of golden eagles that everyone wants as two circled right over us being bombed by a kestrel and buzzard and as they drifted against the hillside you could see every detail on the two birds. Spectacular weather continues.