Another good crowd for this time of year !! They rose to the occasion with short eared owl, terrific sea eagle in the mountains, golden eagle for a moment and then very close and varied views of two adult goldies sitting well and flying over us. Adult sea eagle sitting and finally a male otter swimming and then coming ashore to everyones delight. And then rain !!


Top day today with short eared owl sitting and carrying prey. golden eagle carrying prey, two separate otters, peregrine falcon sitting and finally the much coveted white tailed sea eagle breaking a ridge and giving a dramatic end to the day. I also had a youngster of 8 on the trip who was a pleasure to take out.


I was getting my hair cut in Oban when a friend came in and congratulated me on my award !!! Seems that the Oban Times report that I have been given a highly commended in the ‘Icons of Scotland Awards’. What that means I don’t know but it seems I am an Icon !! Could there be a prize in it of a trip to Mongolia to see snow leopards or just a good plug in the press ! Anyway thanks whoever voted for me XXXX


The weather has changed alright but it is still pretty good with sightings of short eared owl, otters, lots of porpoise, sea eagles, golden eagles, twite, adder, manx shearwater and other sea birds. Everyday is different here of course and we have alien skies that could be no more beautiful on Mars or Venus. Mum and her two otter cubs just an hour ago by the way.


Another inspiring couple of hours today as we arrived back at the house with our family. Offshore were clear splashes of dolphins and sure enough there was a school of 40 or 50 common dolphins. I was down the road and stopping various visitors cars to see the dolphins. One youngster of about 8 years told me it was his first ever sighting of wild dolphins and so he was a very pleased customer !! and I was pleased for him.


Could be the wildlife sighting of the year so far as two sea eagles pursued a greylag goose on the water. One of the birds evetually went into the sea but could not lift the goose. It eventually swam alarmingly about 100m to a small islet where it dragged itself ashore and started eating its prey which was originally destined for their youngsters.


Top action with two sea eagles bringing gasps from onlookers as they raced past us at sea level onyl 50ft away to eventully take a seabird and throw it to their youngster on a hillside.Unique action from the police today when I nearly got a ticket for parking in a passing place. Well I think it was but who knows when few are marked. Interesting though that no ticket was threatened to the three highland cows sitting in one, possibly for the day!!


A misty difficult day again today with no otters and golden eagles but very good view of a hunting and feeding female hen harrier. Rewarding drive to find the TV sea eagles Sky and Frisa and sure enough there they were. Another flying and sitting sea eagle, rock doves, fallow and red deer and lots of knowledge gained today anyway.


More up and down weather now but still pretty good sightings, or so everyone on the trips tells me. Numerous otter sightings, distant but still interesting golden eagles, sea eagles close and distant, number of porpoise observations, sparrow hawks, peregrines, seabirds etc.