Sea eagle sitting today, three young hen harriers and a kestrel repeatedly interracting on a small headland on the coast. Further sitting sea eagle. Male otter going ashore and then fishing in the seaweed. Finally golden eagle circling and crossing to the top of a mountain and latterly another golden eagle from a different territory climbing high to cross a glen. Plenty of seals, deer, dipper, stonechats, buzzards etc.


No otters today probably because of the very low tide but good views of adult golden eagle and youngster plus really close view of a female sea eagle as she sailed over our heads along forest and coast. Male hen harrier also today and sparrowhawk.


Nothing major to report at the moment but all will testify to a good wildlife trip in the last week. Our reasonable weather continues despite the time of year when it can let us down badly. Otters every day, golden eagles distant but fine and the usual sea eagle drama. Lovely day to start with this morning. Hope its the same with you.


A really enthusiastic crowd today who were rewarded with dramatic sightings of an adult and young sea eagle. Two golden eagles gave tantalising distant veiws in a ravine but the otter sighting was pretty good. Highlight for me was the little girl keen on nature today who must have been about 10 and said ‘its been a real pleasure meeting you David’ !!!!


Got the date wrong yesterday because on the 23rd we had a moody sighting of two eagles sitting atop a misty highland peak and a mile away another was sitting similarly on a dfferent territory but that was a a youngster with his white tail showing. Adult and young sea eagle were sitting very close and at last an otter draped across a seaweed rock. Female harrier also.


I feel poetic because I think all wildlife guides have their moments with their mystical creature. Maybe Costa Rica and at last that jaguar peering through the forest, or the huge blow of a blue whale in the mist. For me its Scotlands bronze headed bird as each feather wafts in the wind and eyes burn at you. Then she’s off along the crags with a see you sometime attitude. We wildlife guides are lucky to be so inspired I think.


Today was a great day with golden eagles and everyone on the trip enjoyed the moment when we had various golden eagle sightings, sitting close and flying, distant and sitting or just soaring over our heads while we had lunch. Eagles are inspiring to humans and they have always inspired me.


Of course I don’t just spot Mulls wildlife for people but I also know dozens of these creatures intimately and I duly impressed everyone today with some of that knowledge and what to them was miraculous eyesight. I am sure it was the same for the guide in India that found me a tiger in January. He knew his habitat and what the creatures might do on certain days etc. Big views then today of golden eagles, sea eagles, hen harrier and otter.


Yes I am behind with lots of entries, but each day is rolling into the next with typical sea, golden eagle and otter sightings and extras of course occasionally like todays black throated diver. Very up and down weather at the moment with very warm sunshine at times and then mist and rain.


Difficult to keep up with postings lately but today was a great moment in the mountains of Mull. As we came off our highest road a golden eagle swept over us and circled with his mate to then land on the hillside. Ten minutes later a young yellow tagged sea eagle came over the hill and joined aonther green tagged bird to gorge and tug away at a dead sheep with the ravens. Latterly big otter sighting also.