A couple of days of glorious weather which produce wonderful clarity of light and top sunsets. Golden eagle close yesterday pursued by a female hen harrier, sea eagle sitting and distant flying, one or two otters, black throated and red throated divers and lots of more obvious birds such as twite,goldfinch,ravens,curlews etc.


In Oban today getting my hair cut [been advised that I do not have any and was thus robbed] but coming back on the ferry I saw porpoise and some dolphins escorted the ferry into Craignure and then disappeared. Calm weather again today for time of year. Spaces on the trip for this coming week if anyone is on the West Coast of Scotland and wants the best eco day out.


There was talk in the vehicle the other day about suggesting that the BBC do a small slot on the best legs in wildlife!! Top candidates are the sea eagle with massive feet rather than legs, goosander and of course the probable winner the redshank. One or two males have also put their own suggestion forward i.e. Kate Humble and I have a personal favourite which is not printable!


Cannot record every day of course but today was cold with blustery showers and sun.Very good view of female hen harrier,twite,knot,otter,whooper swan,skein of geese,adult sea eagle sitting and later young sea eagle coming over us. Distant golden eagles and very good view of another otter rolling around on his back and then bringing a fish ashore.


Can you believe it today, no otters !!!! Anyway it was still a good day for everything else including golden eagles, red deer fighting, sea eagles sitting and flying and fleeting views of hen harriers. Not a bad crowd today but they got my usual flack about coming to Scotland without binoculars !!


Highlight for me today was the early sighting of a merlin as it flew across the road in front of us carrying prey and looked for somewhere to settle and eat it. Eventually it did and gave great views in my scope on a small rocky area about 25 yards away. Sea and golden eagles of course and otter also.


Good crowd today had sea eagle flying over with greylag geese. Three otters and the two cubs fighting. Two more young sea eagles touching talons. Another sitting sea eagle and golden eagle rising over a mountain as the weather cleared. Two more adult sea eagles on the way out and way back home.


Unusual sightings today as a young sea eagle sat on top of a telegraph post, a young golden eagle lay on his belly on top of a peak as if he were still in the nest and a female otter with two smallish cubs in very shallow estuarine waters and giving good views along with lots of waders. Hen Harrier also today and peregrine falcon.


I negotiated the dodgy weather brilliantly today !! Two women in the front were a bit rude in going on about me and ‘licking’ the new eagle stamps, but never mind. Otters were good, golden eagles excellent as were the sea eagles but a lot of driving to find weather today.


Really good golden eagle sightings today as we picked one up crossing a glen, then various sightings of the two adults from that territory. Otters, sea eagles and at home a skein of geese flew over the house. Winter is coming and already in Iceland..