We all hate leaving the things we love and its now the end of my season in many ways and though I am off to see Sheffield United !! and the big city, I know I will miss my wilder and more inspiring friends, along with my beloved Island. But there you go I have things of beauty to see again soon.


Pretty well a full house today and really sensational close views of a sea eagle landing to be joined by its mate and then off into the hills. Otters of course, porpoise on the way out and I was gifted for moment in finding my favourite golden eagle in very poor weather. Did she know I was leaving her for a short time and wanted to say goodbye? Maybe not when I am a mere human.


Just 4 people today but good sightings of golden eagles and otters, great northern diver and harrier. Highlight was an unexpected one with red deer stealing the show as a stag forded a small river in the mountains with his harem of females.


No trip today but sea eagles over the house right now. I find that when you actually bother to look up at the sky its amazing just what you see. Because our ancestors were preoccupied by the sky and all of natures elements they must have spent a considerable portion of their life looking to the heavens. Did they have a skull that tilted backward I wonder? Maybe their deep forehead gave them more protection from the sun. Yes I am cracking up !!!


Only four people today and obviously wildlife virgins again as they did not seem to understand the need for binoculars when viewing wildlife. They were also dubious about the weather which was driving wind and rain but were they from Watford perhaps !! Anyway the sun came out as did slavonian grebes, divers, otter eating big red fish and mum and cub and sea eagles close. Fallow deer, red deer and close young golden eagle in wonderful orange and grey landscape of our mountains.


Top sightings today with mum and her otter cub and two young golden eagles being chased of by the resident sea eagle. A number of hen harriers but all in all very good sightings of our big three plus summer plumage great northern diver. Also wonderful, mystical atmosphere around the island which has to be seen to be understood.


Good trip yesterday with visitors who somehow managed to stow away on the ferry because they did not have binoculars!! Time we were stricter about this! What’s the point of coming without binoculars and may as well be naked? BUT Sea and golden eagles, very good harriers and otters of course.The most beautiful glowing and mysterious light and shade wandering around the islands at the moment. No wonder the people of the past were so poetic and bewitched by it all.


Nice crowd today included a couple of wildlife virgins who were quickly converted after a sighting of two sea eagles and hen harrier hunting and sitting well. My spotting of the otter on the way down impressed them but our trip to Croggan gave us a super walk and sighting of two close golden eagles. Best place in Britain to see goldies on a southerly wind !!


Really behind on postings lately but I have had my usual ‘days at the office’ with plenty of sea and golden eagles and otters of course. Harriers are suddenly everywhere having had a poor breeding season. Could be the excellent vole supply after the good summer here. Sea and golden eagles were up scrapping and we then had one of the seas sitting and looking contented !!


Just two people today but its that time of year when everyone down south thinks we are deep in snow. Terrific day anyway with two otters straight off and much sighing from my customers, two adult sea eagles sitting in a tree on our west coast. Two further sea eagles sitting and another flying. An hour with another otter doing otter things and finally two golden eagles soaring behind us. Wet start sun later.