‘Heavenly’ today and I am not religious but it looks like Angels are gathering in numbers across the sea above Ben More as bright balls of light pulsate through cloudy peaks onto red and gold hills. I am baffled as to why anyone normal would want to live anywhere else, than somewhere as beautiful as this, which is so close to nature and other wild creatures that live with us on this planet. I should also get on and write my childrens adventure story.


Another lovely but cold day today. The new house has so much glass that on sunny days in midwinter we are so in among the Hebridean landscape that it can feel like the seychelles. However its more varied here and less populated. What many do not realise is that these are some of the least populated islands in the world. Even the Cook islands are more populated in fact. Tobermory makes Raratonga look like Watford.


It is lovely weather but cold here. A trip to Iona was very beautiful. Among the cloisters of the abbey it was serene and thought provoking and a walk across the island to the sandy bays was so quiet with just the sound of turnstones and the ocean lapping on the shore. The outer Hebridean feel that the south of the island has is just so intoxicating.


Along with many other people I am deeply upset about the resuming of whaling by the Japanese Government and am personally not buying any Japanese products until they stop murdering humpback whales. Can I suggest that all caring and civilised people do the same and email the Japanese embassy info@jpembassy.org.uk telling them of your actions and disgust.


Today is beginning with a wonderful sky over Ben More and dappled cloud and sun out across the sea and over the islands. Did Turner do any other paintings here than Stafffa and Fingals cave because life here is permanently like a Turner painting. Maybe I have said that before, perhaps lots of times !!!


Driving wind and rain initially today and surprised to see an adult sea eagle leaning into it all on a small islet. Otter was very close still in some rain but it cleared to give up golden eagle and two sea eagles drying off. Female hen harrier drifted across the road and wonderful cloud and light effects late on as we headed home.


Another hypnotic day with regard the look and atmosphere of the islands. Absolutely mirror calm seas meant that we could track mum and a cub otter via millions of their bubbles. Sea eagles were good, golden eagle distant but dramatic and top views of male and female hen harrier interracting. Yes wonderful and romantic looking island today.Poeple often ask me the best time to come here. Well it was today.


Just returned through wonderful scenery from a trip to see my son in Cambridge. It was very posh and equally beautiful from a punt on the river!It maybe the best day of the year today with mirror seas, warm and windless. Seen harriers, sea eagles, otters, porpoise and not even on a wildlife trip. A golden sea has feathery mist just above sea level wandering around the foot of the mountains. Big black majestic peaks then rise up into the sky. I need to take up poetry as a sideline.