Ive been all over the world and the Hebridean Islands are the most beautiful and romantic. Early this morning I was off to get a tyre fixed and the whole sky was magenta red, reflecting everywhere, with dark grey mountains and flat sea. Got the big three on the trip today plus porpoise and all of the divers, with impressive spotting even for me!! Lost two dogs on the trip though and I feared the worst until they turned up late and made everyone happy on New Years Eve.


A large family of humans out with me today and we hadn’t gone very far from the house when we saw a young golden eagle alighting on the hillside. Two sea eagles flying and sitting and two otters. Having gone another mile we had a few more eagles and so there we were on Loch na Keal, which is pretty beautiful anyway and a National Scenic Area. with lots of sightings before the day had really begun. So a good day with nice people.


Lots of eagles on a trip today with around 9 at one go!! We are sometimes lucky enough to get the sight of sights with eagles and that has to be two eagles locking talons and plunging toward earth from on high with neither wanting to let go and show weakness. Sure enough two of the 9 did that as they plunged behind a ridge with talons locked. It looked deadly but one swept up again and I guess the other was ok too. Very close otter also today.


People are always asking me the best time of year to visit. Well this is it, if you can still get a fly drive deal and a ferry!!! What a run through Glencoe it would be today. We are in a spell of very settled sunny weather with wonderful sunrises and sunsets. A sky full of stars and empty islands and white sandy beaches to stroll on. This is heaven and I am not religious!


It’s the most beautiful sky and sunset over Iona right now and the end of a wonderful day at Croig beach. There were a few very small children there wrapped up in their russian hats bigger than them and playing in the sand. Kids love it here and yet parents checking up on accomodation often say ”is there anything for the kids to do” !!!! Yes, get new parents !!


Just did a double posting by mistake and there ‘IS’ snow on Ben More today. Thanks also for the emails from other Mull lovers this morning and apologies to anyone who did not get a card. Its entirely because I do not have your address!


Today starts with a clear sky and stunning sunrise over Ben More where we all were yesterday. There is snow on the peak, its very calm with golden/russet landscape. I would love to go in the sea off the southern tip of Mull today but the rest of them are chicken! Calm sunny weather anytime of year in the Hebrides is just the most perfect day. ‘And’ Sheffield United did well yesterday!


Forgot to mention some Christmas spirit! Our Postie told me that just up the road a ferrel kitten that has been hanging around the area was lying asleep on top of a snoozing sheep!! Quiet poetic too was the sight of our two local golden eagles soaring behind the house and an even better sight was me beating the boys at Frisbee on Calgary beach today.


Happy Christmas to everyone who might read my website. Its a calm day here and we are off to the beach for some games. My two boys bought me lots of drawing stuff. They are trying to remind me that I was an artist in a former life!! I imagine there is a Christmas service on Iona today and it would have been nice to be there but we can’t be everywhere and it’s a hundred miles round trip.