Another day of big sightings with otter families and kids scrapping, sea eagles, slavonian grebes,numerous divers,twite and was close to a ‘biggy’ but missed it somehow though two sea eagles had found it I think. A loggerhead turtle up on the shingle at Loch na Keal. It’s now in Oban Sealife centre being cared for and hopefully will be released in Greece.


A very good trip today with two sea eagles sitting out on a promontory, an otter and then another at the ferry point. Sea eagle sitting, hen harrier, close sea eagle flying over us in spectacular locality, golden eagle, otter family wiht kids scrapping, divers and sea eagle and golden eagle together.


Just had two stormy days of wind and rain but peace seems to have broken out again. Winter somewhere remote like this seems to make you profound and wise. Is wisdom taught by the place we inhabit or is it from within the person I wonder. Surely its hard to be wise in the suburbs of Britan when it’s just about existing and perhaps shopping for most people!! Here nature takes over and seems determined to send alien messages to we mere mortals.


Last night was a most beautiful sunset as they always seem to be here. But different every time of course with dark grey sky out over Iona and streaks of straight orange lines going from left to right through it all like layers in a cake. Not always so lovely here though because tonight is stormy. I hope my peregrine friend is ok even though he cheated in the race, because he was off the mark before I said go!


No trip today but I enjoyed racing the fastest creature on the planet, the peregerine falcon, back to the house. Must have gone two miles with it as it zoomed over me as good as to say race you! and he was off along the coast looking back occasionally seemingly to see if I was still up with him!Wild creatures in wild wild places. How on earth do you beat it when man and beast can enjoy this inspiring place together and say up yours to suburbia !


Bookings are trickling in now. Historically it’s the case that as Christmas and New Year are over people start looking for something cheery again. Well today was cheery alright with warm sun and little wind as I filled holes with gravel in our long drive.Right now we have a super sunset and I think tomorrow is the same. If the weather man says easterly winds come west to the Hebrides because its always sunny and fly drive deals are good.


Another beautiful but empty Mull again, but that has a beauty in itself I suppose. Glorious sight of two sea eagles sitting out on a small islet surveying the scene on Loch na Keal. Seems such a pity though that more visitors are not enjoying the Hebrides at this time of year. The peace and almost religious tranquility seems touchable.


Enough of eagles and otters I say, lets have something meaningful and philosophical !!My tip for 2008…. Live in the Hebrides ! Big skys, mountains, islands with white sandy beaches and blue ocean. It clears your mind out forever and you feel you can see it all.I know you become and true ‘individual’ here like an eagle. How can anyone truly say they are an individual in the suburbs and cities of Britain.


A wild grey day today wih the Hebridean Sea looking very angry. No matter, tomorrow will be sunny and calm with the sea inviting us for a dip. I remember swimming off Iona at this time of year and it was great and you do seem to remember such times. Could everyone please support the call for a ban on snares, to change the subject!!www.bansnares.com


Just the most miraculous of days here with not a breath of wind, sunny warm and snow capped peaks. Magical view of an otter with mountains across th sea as backdrop, spangled black and white sea with a sillhouetted otter running around on top of a little islet. Mull was poetry today.