We are in a spell of vile weather though sunday and its big showers was a day of days with eagles. Possibly 30 eagles of both species. One chasing red deer, three young seas and goldies touching talons and then sitting on a hillside. More golden eagles sitting and flying and lots of sightings overhead on many occasions as young birds were chased off by adults on various territories. Also hen harrier !!


Just asking people to support the following website as it is a group that fights large wind turbine developments. As some of you may know these large turbines do kill eagles and other birds of prey. www.argyllwindfarms.com.


Diabolical wind and rain all day today. But two sea eagles taking cover in some conifers. summer plumage black throated diver [why is their plumage always so early?] Great northern diver, sea eagle gliding overhead as it cleared a little. Seals of course and red deer stags, dipper and usual regulars such as curlew,wigeon,geese etc.


Really good day with various sea eagle sightings, golden eagles very close overhead and sitting on hillside showing golden head and legs. Otter was pretty good but when we see them they usually are ! Only minus was just two people for the trip today.


Not so sunny but still very calm and with easterly winds the weather should hold for a while. We [I]could not find Golden eagles today but had various sea eagle sightings to compensate.Slavonian grebes, red and great northern divers,eiders, deer, wintering ducks and seals of course. An otter was a bit out in a bay but she swam to shore with a fish and gave us views in the telescope for a while. Good to be out and about like an eagle again!


Another warm and wonderful day here. It’s been suggested by a friend that I am being a little hard on the townies who are after all my customers but I don’t know about you but we should all be up for suggestions and constructive criticism don’t you think and I think less people need to live in the cities and suburbia when we have such space and opportunities in what is after all the human species NATURAL habitat!! But I apologise anyway cos I am a decent bloke.


More wonderful weather and with easterly winds its looking a bit like last Feb which was terrific. Global warming is definitely bringing extremes of weather to Mull and Britain generally. Its almost like spring here today with lapwings flying and really calm seas. My trips start to kick off in earnest from tomorrow with 8 keen people and out again on monday. Just need Sheffeild United to beat Middlesborough in the cup on Sunday !


Miraculous sunrise and weather today with wisps of snow along the top of Ben More yet we were paddling in the sea at Calgary with almost no one about. Our white sandy beaches are just as spectacular in winter as summer and the sea just as blue. The Iceland gull seemed unsure whether he had landed in the Hebrides or the Canary Islands.


Just returned from a break in Glasgow,Sheffield and Cambridge visiting our children with good weather hotels and food! Sheffield United were rubbish.The city, millions of people thing, is really strange when you are so use to wild open and very big country. Its actually tough to understand the point of it to be honest except to see that humans are a herd species.I am all for constrcuctive ineterraction but actual ‘life’ seems to be about trivia.


Its raining its windy and its my birthday so what shall I celebrate?? Probably having three ispiring children, shown the way like me by this wonderful and uplifting place. Maybe all mothers should come to places like this to have and to show their children for a time, before going back to ‘reality’ or is reality here.