Another top day but with weather a bit more challenging. However sea eagle sitting, MALE MERLIN again!! both flying and sitting. Can I take any more excitment from this bird? Female hen harrier, crossbills, golden eagles displaying and being suitably dynamic in the windy weather. Finally after much searching peregrine falcon and great northern divers of course. I assume everyone understands that we see lots of more obvious things as well as the biggy’s?


Sunny day with snowy peaks. Sea eagle sitting and soaring,purple sandpipers,greenshanks,lots of crossbills and golden eagles. Male merlin again sitting and flying, peregrine falcon, great northern divers. Why isn’t Mull the worlds most romantic national park. Are the government potty!!


A mizzly cold day here but female otter with two cubs pretty close and playing on a small islet. Two seperate young sea eagles, one on shingly coast and one inland. No golden eagles but dippers and my favourite bird again, a male merlin sitting on a small rock with mist and murk in the background. Very dramatic!


Really good Mull wildlife day out. Kicked off with a perched sea eagle then highlight for me groups of crossbills in Glenmoreand golden eagle coming over us. Two seperate sightings of femlale otters with a cub and great northern divers. Sunny light winds and yes really good day out.


Gosh it was wonderful here today with an incredibly clear atmosphere, ‘dazzling’ white sand at Calgary where there was no one and its Easter! Tropical looking pale blue sea and all in all simply wonderful to behold and to be Hebridean!! I don’t care a dicky bird about some tropicl place, today this looks like heaven on earth. And why be so obsessed by hot sunny weather anyway when its actually bad for we pale skinned creatures of the north.


More beautiful weather today and just had a sea eagle over the house and barn owl last night which must be getting interested in my barn owl box? What do you think? It all suddenly feels like Spring here.


Wonderful weathar here again and despite both species of eegle up and over our heads I was off after the Merlin which had just shot back up the road. As we turned and drove back there he was sitting on a small grassy tussock eating something. A heart beating view then for a few of us in the scope as he dashed off across the glen. Dark blue backed and orange flecked chest he is definitely my favourite bird. He’s fast, wild, small and a true individual and you just don’t meet them !


The Hebridean Islands are paradise on days like this, with no wind, sunny and warm, clear blue sky and sea to match. Is there anything more inspiring than nestling up against a rock set into a remote white sandy beach, closing your eyes and hearing just the sound of the sea and the gulls and feeling that warm sun on your face. Did see an Iceland Gull there also!