Got the usuals today I suppose but highlight for me was the first serious short eared owl sighting on breeding territory. He repeatedly flew up and hung on the wind to then descend and sit on a small hillock. A few whimbrel about also today and another sighting of the bearded seal in the same place as last time.


Pretty good weather and sometimes very good. And as many will know even pretty good weather makes these islands look absolutely magical! So plenty of otter sightings lately,various eagle sightings of course and today very close golden eagles and as one drifted across a glen the two resident harriers gave him a big telling off and for some time. Mull is ‘Eagle Island’ for certain and its such a compliment to see regular visitors coming back year after year to enjoy it.


clearing day with otter at the ferry point, fallow and red deer,divers,sea eagle sitting and young one flying, goldene eagle as the guardian newspaper said hello! finally male and two female hen harriers courting and chasing each other off. Sparrowhawks, kestrels, ravens and lots of buzzards of course.


Have to forget the wildlife just lately because the clear sunny weather is the highlight of late. Tonight for instance across the sea Ben More is sprinkled with snow and the moon is glowing gold directly behind its peak. Living so enveloped in the natural environment definitely gives me and insight into how ancient people became so preoccupied with their natural environment because it seems so ‘other worldly’ here at times.


Sunny weather and snow capped Ben More continues here. Really good sighting of a sea eagle enjoying the sun and then flying high, Golden eagles soaring on sea cliffs and female otter with cub having a nap until a male came along and got some nasty looks from her. On my way home I saw a Lapland Bunting which is my first here and this remote sighting shows just what can be missed on a massive sparsely populated island like Mull.


Typical day I suppose for me but as a guide you are always looking for new experiences and maybe a moment in a day that’s a little different for you. Today it was two sparrowhawks well away from normal habitat chasing and calling to each other with the male fanning out his white undertail feathers and then off they went clearly ‘crazy’ about each other !!.


All specialists in their field like to mingle with like minded people and that is why I had a good day today with an environmental crowd from Seil Island which is just south of Oban. We had lots of sightings but the hen harriers again stole the show with lots of females but tantalising glimpses of Britains most handsome bird of prey I feel, the male hen harrier. An Otter curling up for a nap on a seaweed boulder was a suitable climax to the day amid super weather.


Top day with lots of sightings, snow capped peaks and sunshine. Harriers were the highlight again as we eventually found a single male being courted by at least 4 females. He should be so lucky! Also golden eagle soaring overhead which landed on the top of a peak and gave really dramatic views in the scope particularly as it launched off golden head first into the telescope view. Wild things in wild places !!! Can’t beat it.


Typical day today but with a highlight for me in seeing my first food pass between hen harriers this year. I think that this is one of the UK’s top wildlife moments, possibly because of the build up up tp the pass of prey as he sets off lickerty split toward the female who then rises and is thrown the prey in mid air.


Just a short trip out today to see what the peregrines were up to on the sea cliffs across the water. Anyway there was plenty of noise and the male shot out to sea and caught something and returned to pass the prey to the female in flight. It was all pretty spectacular and I later saw a young sea eagle with white wing tag and then an otter on a small islet. It’s still very wintry here.