Bit of rain at last! So it was chasing the weather today but we did get good views of otters, male hen harrier and sea eagle. So off to the southern tip of Mull and the beach at Adarlanish where we saw a female basking shark with young well inshore off the beach.


More sensational weather. Osprey again standing on a big fish and wondering why the sea eagles were not after it this year. I know why! Palmate newts,golden eagles, sea eagle close, hen harriers, sea eagles again, 3 otters. Finally adult sea eagle gliding to sit on a hillside and then mobbed by a short eared owl.


The days are getting longer and the sightings getting bigger! Its a typical May! Gulls were mobbing an osprey at lochdon today as we went to see two stags wading in the middle of the loch. Crossbills, hen harriers, 3 otters, golden eagles and sea eagles, my bearded seal again! Im sure he gave me a wave today with his big rugged flippers. I wonder what he eats here when he should be with the Inuits?


The most beautiful Hebridean day out on Iona today with my two grand children. White sand beach, waders scurrying along the shoreline, corncrakes calling and the translucent light and pale blue sea that you only get here. The sheer variety of Mulls landscape, the size of the island and its myriad of smaller islands is truly truly wonderful to experience, whether in the height of summer or the depths of winter.


Dry sunny weather again.Really good views of various harriers today sky dancing and getting excited about a golden eagle! As did the visitors with really top views today. Otters, short eared owl, sea eagles. I am getting more and more enquiries from people with new digital cameras who have decided they are photographers. Can I please underline that the trips are NOT photographic days out and this is not Kenya.


More tremendous weather here. Golden eagle spotted brilliantly by me sitting in a tree on a crag,arctic skua,otter,hen harrier endlessly sky diving,great northen diver. For me the highlight was a young golden eagle pretty close initially and eventually being mobbed by a number of crows to the top of a glen and then racing back again chased repeatedly,young and adult sea eagles also.


Quality sightings of sea and golden eagles. Good of short eared owl, otters as usual, great northern divers in full summer plumage around now. Terrific weather again today and lovely to see house martins screaming around house and building nests, swallows have been here sometime. Good weather will continue and is a typical May.


More top weather. Slavonian grebe and great northern divers in summer plumage. Golden eagle calling and sitting,sea eagles sitting, bearded seal and of cocurse usual seals here. Peregrine falcon looking very white and barrel chested against the cliffs. Male otter rolling on a small bank of seaweed and later mum and cub having a nap with occasional preening.


More sunny weather but not necessarily good of course as most creatures like to sit around in that, but short eared owls flying and sitting,grasshopper,sedge,willow warblers, whinchat. I susppose etc ! Male and female hen harrier, two golden eagles flying and sitting. Kestrels are very bold here and attack eagles readily. Late on sea eagle sitting but no adults in flight today. Very rare bearded seal again!!