The ever changing drama of natures elements amid land sea and islands is what makes life so spectacular and special here. Today there is a brilliant blue sea, white horses and vivid sun with light cloud sweeping over the Isle of Inch Kenneth. A walk on the Isle of Ulva yesterday was so special because it is a totally unspoilt and natural island with forests,sea cliffs and amazing meadows of wild flowers and there is almost no one there of course and that’s also special here in the Hebrides.


Yesterday was another super day and showed the value of perseverence and commitment to the cause! With a really interesting sighting of a sea eagle sitting low in a glen, as a male hen harrier repeatedly dived at it to then rest for a while before having another go.In the scope both creatures looked really good and they were eventually off windward to cross the road at our highest point and away like us for more wild experiences.


It is starting a beautiful clear blue sky, blue sea, white horses on the sea sort of day. I wonder whether I have one of the best views in the world from the house? Just had another look, and its a probably!


We are having really good trips now with otters, sea and golden eagles, harriers short eared owls and gorgeous view of three young peregrines peeking from their ledge and shouting for mum and dad to bring food.


Weather continues pretty good and with the fluorescent light you only get in the Hebrides. Top sightings in last few days of godlen eagles and today right over us with a young goldie been seen off by adults. Everyone was elated at todays eagle sightings.


Lovely bright Hebridean day. Very close otter today foraging along the seashore below us. Two golden eagles were worth waiting for but I thought the lunch was particularly good today and don’t you think home made soup is always nice when you are in the great outdoors? In fact I think I am too generous and probably over cater to my lot. I feel more like a dinner lady than Indiana Jones. Still got them saying ‘yes chef’ as these southerners need some discipline I find.


Mull is green and sunny! A good day with plenty of good sightings.The most interesting being two daft tourists walking their two small dogs among nesting gulls and oystercatchers. The young were running everywhere and eventually into the talons of a sea eagle who had been watching events and launched himself from a hillside,swept low along the shingle bay and off with a gull chick. The dafter of the two tourists took the line that it was just nature !!!! Pity it wasn’t her dog.


Dodgy weather but not bad, so handsome short eared owl with big furry feet and winking at us from the hillside. Female hen harrier quartering a marshy area. golden eagles, relaxed otter ! Sea eagle mum with youngster getting ready to launch into her wild and free spirited life in the Hebridean Islands. Who would be a chaffinch in suburbia?


Dramatic weather now with two sea eagles soaring into the wind and rain above us. They then alighted on a hillside and glanced endlessly around with their creamy white heads and big yellow bills scanning the area. What an amazing sight they are amid the drama of these Islands. Every day is inspiring to me here and all on the planet should get to enjoy such awesome encounters with wild creatures.